This Waterproof Notebook Was Designed by Michelin-Starred Chefs

This notebook was designed with input from 40 Michelin-starred chefs to be totally grease and water-resistant — pages included.


This notebook was made to work, not doodle. Designed with the input of 40 Michelin-star rated chefs, the Kickstarter-backed Chef’s Notebook by STONE was born as a remedy for stationery that requires safekeeping and coddling, something that has no place in professional kitchens. From the vegan leather body to the paper inside, the hardwearing notebook is completely water and grease-resistant. The paper is made of finely ground limestone and uses no trees, water, acids or oil in its creation. The notebook lays perfectly flat and, thanks to magnets hidden in the edges of the front and back cover, will hold to magnetic surfaces, horizontal or verticle. Quality-of-life add-ons like a sharpie holder, measurement conversion charts and a back pocket to stow things away, are also included.

STONE plans to ship the notebooks — which come in tan, black and red and require a $25 pledge — in May.

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