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Coffee Is 99% Water — This $25 Jug Makes Your Tap Water Cafe Quality

Professional baristas have multi-thousand dollar machines that ensure the quality of the water they use in your commute coffee — this filtration jug aims to accomplish the same for you at home for all of $25.


It’s not talked about a lot, but one of the biggest reasons the $3 cup of drip you pick up on the way to work is so much more satisfying than what you make at home isn’t the fancy beans, some magical grinder or some wizardry the barista pulls off while you’re not looking. It’s the water. The average cup is 99% water, 1% plant matter, so while not many would argue the water is more important than the roast, bean or grind, it’s fair to say it deserves a bit more attention.

Launched on Kickstarter this week, the Peak Water filtration jug aims to level the water playing field between your coffee shop and you. Most quality cafes have machines and lines that employ built-in water filtration that can adjust water hardness however they like, something that’s not really viable in the home kitchen. Instead of the pressurized lines used in commercial machines, the Peak jug uses only gravity and a clever maze-like filtration route, running the water through filters that cycle out unwanted trace chemicals and creating balanced, consistent pH levels. On top of that, design was helmed by a chemistry professor and Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, three-time UK Barista champion (and author of Water for Coffee).

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