Reusable Ziplock Bags Are the Home Essential You Never Knew You Needed

Silicone is the superior food storage option in virtually every way, and this new option on Kickstarter might be the best available.


The benefits of silicone bags instead of plastic bags are clear — they’re reusable, machine washable, sturdier, handle extreme temperatures with ease and offer a tighter seal. All these things combined makes for a product that’s not only better at what it does than traditional, disposable plastic bags, but also more economical (you won’t be re-stocking silicone every couple months). This is why we were excited a few years back when Stasher released platinum silicone food storage, and why we’re more interested in Zip Top’ Kickstarter.

An endeavor from Austin, Texas-based Finell, Zip Top also uses 100 percent platinum silicone (oven and microwave-safe) with an easy zip shut top, but it takes food storage and utility a step further — these silicone containers, coming in four different sizes, stand up and keep themselves open when you’re dumping leftovers (or your dinner for a sous vide bath) in them. Not only that, the brand promises a less flimsy build on the whole which is almost never a bad thing.

The Kickstarter campaign started a little over a week ago and has already accrued funds north of $140,000 at a goal of only $20,000. A $22 pledge gets you one set of three eco-friendly food storage options.

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