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The Secret Behind This Wine Club’s Success

Gold Medal Wine Club has thrived in the wine club industry for over 26 years by delivering high-quality wine from authentic wineries.


Few companies can say it helped initiate what is today a booming, multi-billion dollar industry. That industry is the ever-popular wine of the month club. And Gold Medal Wine Club is one innovator that has been leading the way from the get-go.

As a pioneer of this field, Gold Medal Wine Club holds the honor of being the longest running, same-ownership Wine Club in America. After more than 26 years, it has become the backbone and driving force of the industry.

Founders Linda and David Chesterfield stand by their simple business model: Find the highest-quality, small-production wines from authentic, family-owned wineries and deliver them directly to wine lovers across the country. The vast majority of members don’t have access to the featured monthly wines, as these wineries are hidden gems that simply aren’t large enough for big distributors.

This is where other wine clubs fall short. As co-founder David Chesterfield explains, “Despite lots of competition from new wine clubs offering low-end wines produced from bulk market juice, our philosophy will remain one that delivers our members the products of artisan winemakers who have a story to tell. We like to call this ‘delivering authentic value, wrapped in discovery.'”

Gold Medal Wine Club is family-owned, just like the wineries it works with. And although small, its strict, high-quality standards and genuine values are what make it stand out. The Chesterfields take great care in making sure you enjoy the wines delivered to your door each month.

Gold Medal Wine Club began with just the Gold Wine Club and has since expanded to a total of six club programs ranging from $39 to $179 per shipment and all customizable to fit anyone’s tastes. With the holidays right around the corner, you’ll want to have these six premium wine club options in your back pocket for the wine lover gift of the holidays.

Gold Wine Club


The Gold Wine Club is its most popular wine club — especially during the holidays. It offers superb, fascinating wines from some of California’s top small-production, family-operated wineries. Each month members receive two hard-to-find wines with an informative color publication to learn more about the featured winery and wines.

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Platinum Wine Club


The Platinum Wine Club is an upper-level club offering 90+ rated, rare and collectable wines. Members enjoy highly-allocated masterpieces from winemakers at the pinnacle of their craft. Two premier wines in each shipment are accompanied by two color newsletters with details about the winery, wines and a personal note from the winery.

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International Wine Club


An unforgettable tasting journey with exclusive access to wines from highly-regarded international estates. Members discover three ultra-premium wines from great, hidden wineries throughout the world. Included is a beautiful newsletter with information on the winery, wines, region, recipes and more. You can even add the Adventure Package that includes gourmet, artisan foods imported from the same country as the wines.

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Garagiste Wine Club


Garagiste is a French term that describes independent, artisan winemakers who handcraft small batches of wine on their own and are not yet discovered by the mainstream. This club embraces this growing movement by featuring amazing, under-the-radar gems. Shipments deliver two wines virtually unattainable in the marketplace and impossible to find in any other wine club. Members of this club get to taste fascinating wines before they’re discovered.

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Pinot Noir Wine Club


If you have a passion for Pinots, this is the wine club for you. Members can uncork two of the finest, limited-production Pinots in each shipment. These incredible, world-class wines are from small wineries, all highly-regarded and worthy of your attention. Shipments come complete with two newsletters about the winery, wine tasting notes and recipes.

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Diamond Wine Club


Perfection in a glass. Only 93+ rated, luxury-premium wines are included in the Diamond Club. This is the ultimate wine tasting experience, showcasing two memorable selections from the world’s most renowned winemakers. Shipments include two exclusive publications touting the wine’s impeccable credentials and information about the winery and winemaker. Only truly legendary wines populate the Diamond Wine Club.

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