One of America’s Best Roasters Just Made it Easier to Drink its Coffee

Verve has led the American specialty coffee movement from early days.


Created by some surfers from Santa Cruz, California 11 years ago, Verve Coffee Roasters is one of the few specialty coffee roasters that’s managed to crack the nut of availability, quality and rep within the specialty coffee community. It is undoubtedly one of the best and most important coffee roasters in the US.

When we asked a bunch of experts about it, they replied with things like, “A force of nature in the specialty coffee community” and “Verve Coffee is relentless in providing excellence.” Announced today, Verve’s penchant for charming both experts and regular coffee drinking humans will soon be more available than ever.

Nitro Flash Brew is Verve’s take on ready-to-drink coffee (pre-packaged coffee you find in stores, basically), and it’s a bit different than what’s out there. First, flash brewed coffee is not cold brewed coffee. It’s a brewing style that, when done at home or café, is executed by extracting the coffee directly onto ice (Quartz has a nice explainer). A café will often go the extra step and deposit the flash brewed coffee into a nitrogen keg immediately after making, kegs that are free of oxygen and thus slow the process of the coffee becoming not so great.

Verve has taken this method and applied it to the ready-to-drink space, a move that co-founder Colby Barr says is a long time coming. “We’ve been experimenting with precision brewing since day one at Verve,” Barr said, “We knew we could make a better ready-to-drink coffee than what consumers are getting from the cold brew that’s currently on shelves. This has been a labor of love because we wanted to perfect it, and we can’t wait for people to enjoy it.”

The coffee itself is a blend of a few different origins, including an Ethiopia natural bean (natural beans are typically quite fruity) and a Southern Colombian bean.

Verve’s Nitro Flash Brew will be available online soon, and at all Verve locations in Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and San Francisco now.

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