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The 11 Best Weed Accessories, According to Experts

From expensive vapes to travel storage, three cannabis experts reflect on their favorite weed accessories.

Hanu Labs

We’ve come a long way from the apple pipes of our youth. These days, there are a million and one ways to consume cannabis, which means it’s one of the most gear-intensive hobbies there is. As such, we hit up three experts to find out which gear is worth adding to your arsenal.

Abdullah Saeed


Saeed is a writer, actor, cannabis liberalization advocate. He writes and stars in HBO’s High Maintenance, co-hosts the podcast Great Moments in Weed History and occasionally performs stand-up comedy. Saeed used to host Vice’s James Beard Award-nominated show Bong Appétit.

Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers

“I’m not even going to ask what makes them pink because these things make your joints adorable and will bring delight to you and everyone you smoke with. Also, they roll just as a well as RAWs — believe me, I’m a stickler about that shit.”

Buy Now: $5

Hemper Keeper 3-in-1 Storage

“Travel storage has always been a huge issue for me. It’s messy, inconvenient and wasteful. I probably have my own little corner of that garbage island in the Pacific from all the sandwich bags I’ve used over the years.

“This thing is secure. It holds about an eighth and has a built-in grinder that fits right under the lid. I know you can never trust a plastic grinder, but this one actually does a good job. Not too get too nitty-gritty but I think it’s because it has little pyramid-shaped teeth rather than the kinda flat ones in a cheap smoke shop grinder. Anyhow, I have like five of these all in different colors and have tried to code them according to different strains but of course I never do it so have to open the jar and smell every time.”

Buy Now: $15

Pukinbeagle Quartz Nail

“If I’m watching TV (for example, Murder Mountain) or a movie (like Holy Mountain), or playing chip-and-putt with the homies, I’m smoking fat flower joints. I don’t really consider dabbing to be recreational. It plays a role in my work day, my health routine, my exercise routine, et cetera. That’s why I keep good hash on hand and clean my rig on the reg. So why would I use any less than the Rolls Royce of quartz nails?”

Buy Now: $180

Puffco Peak

“Vape pens are convenient and all, but they’re purely portable, and it’s just not as fun to sit on your couch and hit a vape pen as it is to take a dab or hit a bong. That’s why this thing is such a genius entry to the vape game. There have been a bunch of tabletop vapes, but this one is far sleeker than any and just has a great user experience. Mind you, the one they sent me is still in its package because I’m slow to abandon my dab rig, but I’m handed a PuffCo peak at every weed party I go to. This thing caught on quick.”

Buy Now: $380

Jessica Catalano


Catalano is a professional cannabis chef, edibles expert and author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine. She writes for a number of cannabis publications and was an early pioneer in pushing strain-specific cannabis cuisine.

Soy Lecithin Powder

“While controversial in some circles, food-grade Soy Lecithin is a great emulsifying agent not only for non-infused foods but also for cannabis edibles. Lecithin acts as a surfactant which lowers the surface tension and allows THC to be distributed more evenly through the food product. It helps emulsify products, which helps fat and water to stay together in addition to other molecules, and lessens the chance of mold from developing (one of the controversial areas of concern).

“It also comes with some health benefits that are worth noting: reduction of cholesterol boosts immunity, improves cogitative function, helps with stress, and relieves menopause symptoms. Something worth noting if you are trying to make health-conscious edibles.”

Buy Now: $6

EcoPeaceful Nut Milk Bag

“These amazing little bags are not only great for making dairy-free homemade milk or yogurts but also straining cannabis flower out of olive oil, butter or tallow. The material allows for the perfect flow of liquid fats without letting any plant material through the bag. These cute little bags are also great for your health as they are certified 100 percent organic cotton and are not made from toxic cheap nylon or polyester materials.”

Buy Now: $12

Ball Regular Mouth 1-Pint Glass Canning Jars

“I think every cannabis enthusiast is secretly obsessed with Ball Canning Jars of every size as they are always somehow mandatory to store your cannabis flower in them. I have tons of canning jars in my house — both for cannabis and for canning foods. Use the jars to store flower in your spice cabinet, infuse liquid fats of your choice in the jars with a double boiler, or make cannabis-infused freezer jam for your morning toast or scone.”

Buy Now: $12

Salt 2-Piece 2 qt. Stainless Steel Double Boiler

“I am all about sturdy double boilers that you can buy at a very affordable price. Double boilers are great for tempering chocolate and creating other delicious temperamental foods, however, they are also great for making cannabis-infused food items. Butters, oils, and tallows can be infused with flower in the covered top pot or you can place them into a small sealed canning jar with the cover of the double boiler off. This is also my go-to accessory for tempering cannabis chocolates or making infused chocolate ganache.”

Buy Now: $30

Danny Danko


Danko is the senior cultivation editor of High Times Magazine and the author of The Official High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains and >Cannabis, A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana. He has selected High Times’s annual Top 10 Strains of the Year since 2005 and is also the creator and founder of the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame.

The Original Sweetleaf Grinder

“I can distinctly remember the first time I used a grinder to break up my weed. I was at our High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in November of 2000 and the debut of the Original Sweetleaf Grinder proved to be life-changing; No more sticky fingers, gummed-up scissors or poorly-ground chunky herb. Since that time, many imitators have tried to improve on the design but the original Sweetleaf is still the only indispensable grinder I use every day.”

Buy Now: $25

The Puffco Peak

“Busting out a loud flaming torch to heat up your glass dab rig isn’t always a good look. It can be dangerous and certainly can conjure images of harder drug use to some observers. That’s why I love the portable and prudent electronic “smart rig” called the Peak from vaping pioneers Puffco. This sleek and stylish unit heats up in 20 seconds and vibrates to let you know the perfect time to hit it. The easy-to-use Peak has redefined the look of concentrate consumption.”

Buy Now: $380

VapeExhale Hanu Stone

“I’m so happy that portable vaporizers have moved beyond the basic and boring pen battery and cartridge setup into a variety of different shapes and sizes. Inspired by river rocks smoothed over time, the Hanu Stone provides perfect vape hits from pre-filled pods that are curated to include only the finest in concentrated hash oils. I don’t leave home without this elegant and flavorful device.”

Buy Now: $70

The High Times Beaker Bong

“Everyone needs a sturdy go-to bong for everyday use that’s easy to clean and won’t break the bank or shatter into pieces on the floor. The solid new High Times Beaker Bong is made in the USA, features glass-on-glass connections and the iconic HT logo on the main tube and the downstem. The ice pinch allows me to cool my bonghits properly for perfect temperature toking.”

Buy Now: $99

Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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