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Pool hall meets dining hall


Short of procuring a magical wardrobe with a bridge to a pool playing dimension, the Fusiontable is an ideal solution for satisfying a billiards craving without wasting living space. Measuring 53″ x 91″ and standing 30″, the table is sized perfectly for six, ships with matching benches and is customizable in a variety of colors and materials. Underneath the incredibly thin 4.5″ table top lies a fully-equipped pool table. Fusiontable squeezes so much game in such a small plane using patent pending memory cloth pockets, which shrink to a mere .75″ when empty. Specialized Ball-Slides allow balls to be stored above the pockets, keeping everything on the table when not in use.

Unlike typical pool tables that require leveling three separate slate pieces and stretching felt to create the base surface, the Fusiontable uses a single piece of solid slate covered in Velocity PRO cloth that matches the pre-fitted rails. Combined with auto-lock and auto-leveling features, installing the Fusiontable is dead simple. Pool perfectionists can also shell out more for a spring assisted Easy-Lift system, enabling the table to rise from the standard 30” dining height to the optimal 33” playing height. Saving yourself from the embarrassment of completely missing a break in public comes gratis.

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