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The Best Cannabis Accessories, According to GP Readers

Pot, like coffee, is a gear nerd’s dream.


Last week, we asked GP readers a simple question: what are the most useful cannabis accessories? Through a thicket of submissions from Bob Marley and Willie Nelson, some seriously insightful picks shown through. From the first smart bong to the difference between 91 percent and 70 percent isopropyl, these are GP readers’ favorite pot accessories.


“Does everything, folds into any shape. Clean bowls, tighten up joints. Makeshift grinder, just pinch against buds. Costs nothing. The perfect tool.” —AB

Buy Now: $5

91 Percent Isopropyl alcohol

“I don’t smoke a lot but when I do I like to use a bubbler. Bubblers need to be clean and are at the same time notoriously difficult to clean (due to their small size and fixed stem). 91 percent iso (not the 70 percent stuff you use for disinfectant) is the key; after every couple of sessions, I take an ounce or two of iso and swish it around vigorously in my pipe just rinse with hot water and let it air dry. Works like a champ and costs practically nothing.” —Rob

Buy Now: $3+

Mr. Brog Tobacco Pipe Tool

“Comes with three tools, a pick, which can be used for cleaning the bowl piece, a tamper used to pack down flower and a spoon, which can be used to load the bowl. Though this tool is not designed expressly for marijuana use, it works exceptionally well. It has become an indispensable accessory in any smoke session.” —Duncan

Buy Now: $10

Rowll Classic Rolling Kit

“Has everything you need on the go: paper, filters, hand grinder (which works amazing) and a pouch to stash your weed. All this in a compact slim magnetic sealing kit.” —Brian

Buy Now: $12

Anova Nano Sous Vide Circulator

“Much like how hangovers get worse as you age, cannabis has made me more anxious and paranoid as I age. Maybe it’s just the quality of bud out there, but whenever I smoke a joint or hit a bowl these days, I get way too baked. Rather than flat out quitting, I turned to my Sous-Vide circulator. I now make batches of THC-infused coconut oil and put about a teaspoon in my morning coffee and evening tea. It’s one step above a micro-dose, and it makes me just very happy and creative.” —Colin

Buy Now: $99

Da Vinci Miqro Vaporizer

“It’s tiny, gets hot fairly quick, and allows you to vary bowl size, so you can microdose pretty easily. It also has removable parts for easy cleaning.” —John

Da Vinci Miqro Vaporizer: $149

Evolab Colors

“Flavored and available in disposable stick or cartridge. This is the easiest way to ease into weed usage. Un-intimidating for beginners, fun and simple for the experienced who don’t want any hassle, discrete for those who don’t want judgment.” —Travis

Learn More: Here

Haze V3

“It has separate compartments to pack materials, allows you to vaporize cannabis in a variety of forms and has accurate temperature control. It’s a powerful little machine that lets me conserve my materials and get the same effects I expect from other ingestion methods.” —Morgan

Buy Now: $249

Puffco Peak

“The Puffco Peak is the first ever portable electric dab rig or ‘smart bong.’ It heats cannabis concentrate to the perfect temperatures for the perfect vape experience.” —Evan

Buy Now: $380

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Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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