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If You Use a Knife Block to Store Your Kitchen Knives, You’re Doing It All Wrong

Knife bars are cheaper, don’t dull the blade, cleaner and take up less space in your kitchen.


In 2013, the National Sanitation Foundation conducted a series of studies aimed at identifying the grimiest areas of our homes. Among spatulas, ice makers, can openers and parts of the refrigerator (specifically the “meat compartment”), is the inconspicuous knife block, which, apart from being a breeding ground for moisture and mold, is terrible at pretty much everything. Luckily, the alternative is better in every way.

Knife bars — like Modern Innovations’s discounted 16-inch option — are magnetic strips you fix to a wall or the side of the fridge. You don’t run the risk of bacteria growth with them and they cost significantly less than a block of wood. Plus, they don’t dull your knives; Cook’s Illustrated found knives stored in a block dulled far more quickly than other methods of storage (they recommend knife bars as well).

Pick up a full-sized knife bar for just $17 on Amazon today — good for more than half off the normal retail price.

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