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Unofficial Taxidermy LEGO Kit

Oh my deer

Don't worry, it's just a deer, dear.
David Cole

Somewhere along the line men moved from physical hunting and gathering to hunting and gathering inside the cubicle. Have we succumbed to this same fate? We’ll never tell. However, for these reasons, and others of the PETA nature, we bring you the Unofficial Taxidermy Deer LEGO Kit ($28). This custom LEGO kit is the handiwork of David Cole, a product designer at Quora who was inspired by the birth of his son to work with LEGOs. Perhaps the set draws out fond memories of when you would rise early on those cold winter mornings to hunt down your prey, or maybe you just want to get Junior started off on the right foot. Either way, this 60-ish piece set is sure to impress your guests hanging in your game room (and we don’t mean Yahtzee or Scrabble). Just don’t let your gun-toting buddies see it. They might laugh and ask you how it tasted.

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