Kudu Fridge Magnets

Stick to it


Owning something unmistakably yours has been a tradition for centuries. It could be a simple iPhone cover or shirt monogram, to something more elaborate like  Da’Vinci experts claiming that the Mona Lisa is actually Da’Vinci himself painted as a woman. Well, you might not be Leo D, but thanks to Kudu Fridge Magnets ($50+) you can customize something we all appreciate. Dress up your typically mundane meat locker with any of their preloaded images or upload your own (the better choice in our book). Kudu magnets are printed on durable vinyl, custom fit to your fridge size and easily removed should you prefer to mix things up. Finding the right balance of taste and distinction in the case of Kudus offerings is easier said than done, though, so make sure you plan your decor down to the last detail for the right look — lest your kitchen look more playhouse than penthouse.

Buy Now: $50+

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