Kickstarter: Nomiku Sous Vide

No pressure cooking


Most of us need another kitchen appliance like Lebron needs to reconsider leaving Cleveland. The Nomiku, a KickStarter project, is an effort to bring pro-grade sous vide to the home kitchen, without incorporating an industrial-size immersion circulator. Sized to fit in a drawer and priced (~$300) to fit the amateur’s budget, the Nomiku is a handheld 120V AC immersion circulator designed to produce sous vide’s signature buttery moist texture and intense flavor infusion. Simply push the display screen to turn on/off and twist the dial to set the temperature after clipping the tool to the side of any water-filled cooking pot. The developers even eschew vacuum sealing, producing passable results by dipping a zip lock plastic bag in water up to the seal before closing to remove most of the air. The project expects to start shipping just in time to try turkey sous vide this December, which unlike your fryer, won’t blow up the garage.

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