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Get Anova's Highly-Touted Sous Vide Cookers on Sale Now

A number of these top-notch immersion circulators are up to $200 off at Williams Sonoma.

anova nano precision cooker

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Anova Culinary had already taken over the sous vide world with its highly rated Precision Cooker when they decided to up the ante and release the Precision Cooker Pro. Despite being roughly the same size and shape as the standard Precision Cooker, the Pro packs a beefier internal motor, higher total capacity (up to 100L of liquid), higher level of overall temperature precision and so much more.

With a hefty 1800 watts of power at your fingertips and easy control through the Anova app, you are guaranteed great results every time. If you're not sure what to cook, the app also includes thousands of sous vide recipes for free.

Williams Sonoma
Precision Cooker Pro
Anova williams-sonoma.com

Right now you can pick up the Precision Cooker Pro for $200 at Williams Sonoma, which is a whopping $200 off the retail price. If you're looking for a vacuum sealer to ensure your foodstuffs stay dry while they cook, Anova's Precision Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer Pro is also on sale for $50 off MSRP, for a total of $100. And if you want a whole bundle, you can get the Anova Precision Cooker (the standard, not the Pro), the vaccum sealer, a cooking container and some sous vide bags for $430 ($50 off MSRP) in the Anova Ultimate Pack Deluxe.


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