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You Can Get One of Anova's Highly-Touted Sous Vide Cookers for Half Off

Upgrade your holiday cooking with the Anova Nano for only $75.

person cooking with sous vide

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Whether you're an expert at sous vide, trying it out for the first time or currently googling "what is sous vide," we've got the deal for you. Anova, a leader in the precision cooking world, is offering half off its most affordable sous vide circulator, the Nano. The 12.8-inch, 1.4-pound tool is small enough to be stored in your kitchen drawer, and it comes with a 2-year warranty. Regularly priced at $149, you can get the Nano for only $75 as long as the deal lasts.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano

$74.99 (50% off)

In case you're still catching up, a sous vide circulator allows you to precisely control the temperature — with a margin of error of 2 degrees, in the case of the Nano — as you cook your vacuum-sealed food in a bath of water (although you don't necessarily need a vacuum sealer to do this). It's a great method for cooking a restaurant-quality steak, but you can also use it to make everything from eggs to your Thanksgiving turkey. And if you're still confused, we've got all the steps for how to sous vide for you right here.

So if you're ready to try your hand at sous vide or just looking for an excellent, affordable option, you can't go wrong with Anova's Nano. Just hurry before this 50 percent off deal ends.


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