Papafoxtrot Club Sports Stadiums

Are you ready for some futbol?


Looking for a unique piece of sports memorabilia for your office or mancave? You could plunk down some serious paper for a rare, yet dubious collectable or you could go with something guaranteed to raise some eyebrows. Papafoxtrot, maker of those model cargo ships we love, have now partnered with design firm PostlerFerguson to create a first run of papercraft Club Sports Stadiums (TBA).

Conceptualized while lamenting some losses in this year’s Euro, the London based football fanatics looked to some of the most popular European Club teams for inspiration. Showcasing the home pitches of Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and either A.C. or Inter Milan (depending on which side of the tracks you’re from) each stadium is crafted out of die-cut A4 card stock, and shipped flat in a hot-foiled recycled envelop featuring a topographic view of the home team’s home. With just a little elementary origami, you can construct your own miniature 85,000 seat theatre of dreams homage to your favorite team; scarf not included.

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