The Inheritance Collection by Stephen Kenn

Seated in history

Stephen Kenn

Vintage is everywhere, but in the world of furniture, it’s not easy to find great modern design that both echoes the past and makes use of truly classic materials. Designer Stephen Kenn scoured an old Los Angeles warehouse of military surplus gear and commandeered WWII fabrics and materials for his Inheritance Collection Furniture Line. The entire series of sofas, tables and chairs makes use of re-purposed World War II military canvas, marbled brown matte finish steel welded frames and custom leather webbing to create a new vintage aesthetic that’s perfect for a bachelor pad or even that one room the missus lets you control. Once everything’s in place, break out your Band of Brothers boxed set and spend a couple of days reminding your eyeballs of a time when courageous men were aplenty, and there was no such thing as Kevlar.

Buy Now: $450+

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