Thanksgiving Is Here. These Are Last-Minute Tips to Make It the Better

Thanksgiving prep goes on until the very last second.

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Thanksgiving is finally here. It’s probably a little too late to buy a roasting pan or a probe thermometer online. However, you might have some time to buy a turkey. For the Thanksgiving hosts who want to take their meal from meh to mind-blowing, or the guests who want to impress, here are some tips and recommendations you can still take advantage of.

How to Deep Fry a Thanksgiving Turkey

A James Beard Award winner teaches us how to deep fry a turkey — with Southwestern and Hispanic flair.

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6 of Best Beers to Drink on Thanksgiving, According to Brewers

From IPAs to saisons to crispy pilsners, here's what some of America's brewers will be enjoying on Turkey Day.

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How to Buy Your First Thanksgiving Turkey

When it comes to buying your first Thanksgiving turkey, questions abound. We're here to help.

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What Wine Should You Serve With Turkey?

Though Zinfandel might be the all-American grape, there are better wines to put on the table.

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You Only Need Four Tools to Cook an Awesome Turkey

You don't need a mountain of gear to make a turkey on Thanksgiving. But you do need a few things.

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How to Carve a Turkey Like a Pro Chef

So you roasted your turkey. Now what?

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Don’t Use an Electric Knife to Carve Turkey. Here’s Why.

Electric knives aren't just unnecessary, they have the potential to ruin whatever it is you're cutting. Minutes before the most important meal of the year, that's not okay.

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A Competitive Eater’s Guide to Crushing Thanksgiving

Practice your chews. Get hammered the night before. Ask for extra gravy. And steel yourself for a lot of pain and suffering.

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For Better Garlic Bread, Add Cheese and Use the Entire Loaf

From San Francisco–based bakery Tartine comes an absurdly easy upgrade to a crowd-pleasing favorite.

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3 Tips to Making Pie in a Cast-Iron Skillet, the Right Way

Aluminum and tin are great conductors of heat, but they're terrible insulators. Which means the best pie vessel is one you already have: a cast-iron skillet.

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How to Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Leftovers Breakfast

One quick recipe to nail the breakfast after, courtesy of James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Raquel Pelzel.

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The Best Holiday Deals You Can Still Shop

Get all the information on the best holiday deals you can still shop now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rearview mirror.

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