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Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

Guard Door

Studies show owning a dog provides a multitude of physical and emotional benefits — but those researchers didn’t have to let Fido out at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Before now, your only options were embracing your pooch’s poop schedule or installing a robber-sized doggie door. The Power Pet Electronic Pet Door ($270+) lets your dog do his business while keeping uninvited guests out.

Available for dogs up to 100 pounds, the Power Pet is a motor-driven, vertical sliding pet door that opens and closes based on the proximity of an ultrasonic collar. The door operates on a standard A/C wall adapter or even a rechargeable 12V battery, and can be set to in only, out only, in and out or closed and locked. The Power Pet even senses the direction that the collar is facing to limit the possibility of accidental openings. When closed, an automatic deadbolt secures the gate. What’s to stop a moderately intelligent thief from luring your hound to the door and opening it, you ask? Er… nothing, really. But isn’t that what you have a dog for in the first place?

Buy Now: Medium $270 | Large $350

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