Oborain Outdoor Shower

Bathers without borders


If you’re the type who showers until even the lukewarm water is gone, it’s time you broadened your bathing horizons. Similar to the outdoor rinse station at your beach house, the Oborain Outdoor Shower ($3,700+) gives your washing experience an interesting twist — whether it’s for rinsing off after a swim in the pool, soaking in a private rooftop nook at your swanky city apartment or a pondering in a rustic woods-side oasis (some solve the world’s problems on the can, others while lathering up).

Through either permanent lines or a specialized hose kit, the OboRain shower gives you hot and cold water on demand. While that means your plan for an ultra-private shower facility miles from infrastructure won’t work, it does mean installation is relatively easy. The shower comes in a variety of sizes, from the miniature Piccolo to the Triple (ooh lala). Your private shampoo lounge is built from beautiful Brazilian hardwood (treated against the elements, of course) and a stainless steel frame. Shower head? A Hansgrohe/Axor fixture with a water temp valve. We can’t guarantee water pressure, but you can always follow Kramer’s example and install a custom head made for washing elephants at the circus.

Buy Now: $3,700+

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