Retro Bureau

Retro receptacle


Designed and crafted by ze Germans using aluminum and steel, the Retro Bureau by Wharfside ($4,500+) is a small office solution for OCD neat freaks and hue-happy hipsters alike. Inspired by the colorful and innovative designs of the last century, Retro’s made-to-order creation has the look and feel of a Cupertino-commissioned clamshell and comes in a stunning 1,625 RAL color options; it seems dangerously close to a larger, legged version of the second-gen Nano (we’re not so sure now’s a good time to risk a lawsuit with, erm… you know who).

That’s not to say iOS junkies are Retro’s only target. There’s lots to love, baby. Underneath its quiet-opening lid is an LED-lit linoleum laptop lounge, complete with elasticized document holders and an integrated storage groove to keep things as spartan on the inside as they are on the outside. The lower half sees double duty as a pen and pencil drawer. But please — please! — don’t take this throwback as an excuse to whip out the bell bottoms.

Buy Now: $4,500+

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