Fire Extinguishing Device By Tusch und Egon

Fire Distinguishers

Tusch und Egon

From time to time we like to check in on what’s going on across the pond. The Queendom, if you will, never disappoints us with its take on art and design — a skew that can seem a bit wonky to our Yankee eyes. The Fire Extinguishing Device (~$123) from Tusch und Egon (sounds German, we know, but they’re based in London) is a perfect example. We’ve seen fancy first-aid kits, fancy lights, heck, even fancy speakers, but admittedly, this is the first showcase-worthy fire extinguisher to get our Stones Rolling.

Of course, you can’t just have one option when it comes to fire safety fashion; the extinguisher comes in a tastefully broad range of matte and lustrous single tones, along with one that looks like a wine bottle and the obligatory Union Jack. In stature, the extinguisher weighs in at 2 kilograms (that’s roughly 4.5 pounds for you ‘Murican folks), and shoots regulation ABC dry powder. It also comes with an optional magnetic wall bracket (~$19) for mounting in your loo, boot or large red phone booth.

Buy Now: ~$122

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