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The 12 Guys of Christmas: The Techie

In a world cluttered with uncertainties, you can be assured of this: you’ll never be stumped for something to buy if there’s a techie in your life. As the pace of innovation hastens each year, the technology fanatics among us can’t ever seem to find contentedness.


In a world cluttered with uncertainties, you can be assured of this: you’ll never be stumped for something to buy if there’s a techie in your life. As the pace of innovation hastens each year, the technology fanatics among us can’t ever seem to find contentedness. That’s bad news for one’s wallet, but it’s great for those hoping to send the perfect message this holiday. Have a look at our recommendations below — just be sure to gear up for one or two massive hugs in return.

Now, On to the Gifts

12 Guys of Christmas
The Techie
The Adventurer
The Athlete
The Globetrotter
The Do-it-Yourselfer
The Dapper Man
The Mediaphile
The Outdoorsman
The Driver
The Chef
The Designer
The Mixologist

Logitech K480 Keyboard

The Keys to Productivity: It’s quite possibly the perfect gift if you don’t have the spec sheet of the person you’re buying for. Rather than hunting around for a mobile keyboard to fit a very specific phone or tablet, this multifaceted one works with pretty much anything. So long as you’ve access to a Bluetooth-enabled product (hint: you do), this keyboard will make text input around 175 percent easier. What sets it apart from other Bluetooth keyboards is its ability to mount three devices; you can switch gears from a pressing work order to an SMS response just by turning a knob.

Buy Now: $50

Bluelounge Soba System

Cleaning Up: We’re rapidly approaching a reality where wires aren’t necessary; but sadly, we aren’t there yet. If you’re buying for that edgy soul in your life who utterly detests the sight of a stray cable, this organizer is bound to provide a great deal of stress relief. Yes, it’s just a fancy way to bundle multiple cables, but it’ll provide relief beyond your comprehension.

Buy Now: $25

D-Link AC750

Stay Connected: There’s the dude or dudette just wants wi-fi to work, and then there are those who would love nothing more than a rack full of enterprise-grade network gear taking up space in their kitchen. This router strikes a happy balance, providing gobs of customization, like the ability to prioritize certain traffic over other types, as well as an intense array of antennas for spreading the wireless love throughout even the largest of abodes. It also includes a high-capacity 4000mAh rechargeable battery for charging smartphones and tablets when wall outlets are scarce.

Buy Now: $100

Crashplan Subscription

A Better Backup Plan: Nothing says “I care for your sanity” quite like a backup plan. Few things in life are more traumatizing than realizing your entire digital life is kaput, but it happens on the regular; backing things up to a secure cloud space isn’t convenient, easy, or effortless, but it’s all worth the pain should your computer call it quits unexpectedly. You can even add mobile devices into the mix, and Crashplan is one of the few services that offer a truly unlimited option. Just be sure you have access to an Internet connection with a killer upload rate, as sending everything that’s on your PC into the esoteric cloud can take days upon days.

Buy Now: $60

Dodocase VR Cardboard Toolkit

Peer Into the Future: Google Glass is a stellar concept, but really, ain’t nobody got time for that $1,500 asking price (for the most part). For maximum fun with minimum outlay, this cardboard VR kit utilizes the phone you already own and provides an astonishingly engrossing visual experience. Construct the box, load up an accompanying app, and enjoy a new breed of immersion. It’s fantastic for keeping the kids occupied even after they’ve grown bored of everything else, and since there’s a bit of assembly required, you might even convince the youngsters to put it together for you.

Buy Now: $25

Smart Books

Query Solved: Surely you know that someone — the one whose forehead you know better than their face. We’re always reading — usually on a screen of some description — but there’s something to be said about receiving a tried-and-true book. It’s the ideal gift for those looking to offer an educational reprise from the ever-connected screen, and if you accidentally buy one too many… well, consider it a gift to yourself.

Buy Now: $21


Buy Now: $18


Buy Now: $17


littleBits Kits

Tinker Away: A budding tinkerer in the family, you say? This here kit provides just enough to keep one busy throughout the holidays without being completely overwhelming. It comes with a handful of electronic modules that can be linked together for basic hacker projects, and if you get fully swallowed up, littleBits offers a plethora of expansion options to keep the hobby growing. Non-static gloves, a fire extinguisher, and a welder’s mask aren’t included, though.

Buy Now: $35+

Google Nexus 6

Android Advanced: Make no mistake: the latest Nexus phone isn’t meant to break into emerging markets. For those yearning for the absolute best Android phone that money can buy, the Nexus 6 touts the latest bells and whistles: a 13 megapixel camera that’s actually good, the slickest edition of Android yet, and a Quad HD display that’ll make your television envious. It’s also sold unlocked, which allows jetsetters to pop local SIMs in from nations all across the globe once they land.

Buy Now: $650

Google Glass Explorer Edition

Truly Visionary: If you do have $1,500 to drop on a single gift, this is unquestionably the one. It’s a non-surgical way to add a bit of bionic to your person, and it’s the ultimate ice breaker. Plus, for those who can’t stand the thought of ditching their actual watch for a smartwatch, Glass is the perfect wearable. It’s ideal for seeing notifications at a glance and navigating around a new city without constantly looking down, and the eye-level camera most definitely captures life from a very natural POV. Freaked out about the look? They come with shades that do an admirable job of making ‘em look pretty darn normal.

Buy Now: $1,500

Jack Spade Tech Oxford Briefcase

Classy Carry On: You won’t have to look hard to find laptop briefcases for well under $500, but if your career depends on looking the part, few pack the pizzaz that this one does. Apart from being eye-catching, lightweight, and pleasingly simple, it’s engineered to be grabbed, slammed, and toted all over; be sure to abuse it with pride.

Buy Now: $498

Perfect Coffee

Just How You Like It: Tech and coffee go together like peas in a pod, but mix in a bit of expert analysis on portions, percentages and personality, and you’ve got a fantastic gift. Rather than hunting around for the perfect bean, Perfect Coffee keeps a steady stream of the world’s finest grounds headed towards that special someone in your life. Subscribers get access to the coffee that you’d typically have to travel far and wide to get, and what makes the service extra special is the attention to the mixture. These folks carefully investigate everything that goes into making world-renowned cups of java, and then they ship precisely that to your doorstep. It’s a first-world indulgence, but so long as it’s given with love, who’s to complain?

Buy Now: $18

Evernote Pfeiffer Collection

Upgrade Your Workspace:There’s nothing quite like a new desk ornament, and Evernote’s Pfeiffer Collection is amongst the classiest we’ve found outside of the stuff crafted by Grovestand. Regardless of whether you’re buying for a laptop or tablet owner, these wooden stands provide both utility and flair. The laptop and tablet stands offer an ergonomic twist; by raising things up to eye level, it should help with neck strain. To boot, the collection is also home to a smattering of organizers for those analog creations — pens and staples have to live somewhere, right?

Buy Now: $50+

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