Magic Wall Kitchen Organizer

A different kind of pot sticker

Magic Wall

Throwing “it” against the wall to see what stuck used to be a hasty solution. Not any longer, my friends. In fact, with the Magic Wall Kitchen Organizer (~$340+), it’s encouraged. Knives, pots, pans, tins, tools, keys and even the kitchen sink (although we don’t recommend it) now have a designated vertical stowage space on this fully magnetic wall panel.

Just imagine the possibilities. So long cluttered drawers, sayonara lost steak knives, hello sweet, sweet visual organization. In a range of different sizes, materials (Terrazzo, wood or laminate) and colors, along with a selection of cling-able, add-on shelves, the magnetic organizer is easily customized to fit your culinary den. Just be sure to warn grandma about standing too close while she shows off that total hip replacement.

Buy Now: ~$340+

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