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The Cell

If we hear one more story about an impending zombie apocalypse, we’re packing up our stuff and humping it to the upper reaches of Canada. Our supplies? A crapload of MREs, an accompanying supply of Pepto, several crates of whisky and The Cell Machined Survival Kit ($75+). The minds behind this baton-like kit are looking for additional funding via Indiegogo over the next couple of weeks; for that reason, we implore all zombies to wait ’til well after Thanksgiving to get chewing.

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The Cell is designed to be the one stop shop for no-frills survival basics. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum that’s been CNC-machined in America, then bead blasted and hard anodized, The Cell looks not unlike a slender artillery shell — and packs a very different kind of firepower. Small enough (7 inches long with a 1.25-inch diameter) to grab-n-go when the silliness reaches flesh-eating levels but large enough to house essential survival items, The Cell simplifies any terror-filled fix you get yourself into. It’s waterproof due to two end cap o-ring seals, has a built-in compass and contains five inches of storage space for whatever tool tidbits you require.

For a bit more dough (only $20), you can get a canvas roll that fits inside The Cell and is pre-filled with a small Beeswax candle, a P-38 military can opener, two small fish hooks, four lead fishing weights, twenty feet of 20-pound test fishing line, two quick tinder tabs, one ferro rod/firestarter and five feet of brass snare wire. What, no room for a tiny crossbow? Damn.

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