Breville Die Cast Hemisphere Blender 800BLXL

This is what a man’s blender should look like. Square, simple and die cast.


This is what a man’s blender should look like.

Square, simple and die cast.

The 67 ounce polycarbonate jug with soft grip handle will hold any mixed beverage or concoction you put in it and the 1000 watt variable speed motor will blend (or obliterate) it in less time than it takes you to think about what glass you’re going to use. The Hemisphere bowl/blade system designed by Breville will crush (or destroy) anything you challenge it with or delicately puree with the softest of touches. We prefer destroy.

If you’re not familiar with polycarbonate polymer, it’s lightweight, impact resistant, extreme temperature withstanding and used in most professional grade restaurants. The solid base is made of die cast stainless steel with no seams or openings giving and providing a tough as nails foundation for the blender. Use one of the LED back lit buttons to begin the process. Ohhh, mixed drinks never sounded so fun.

What this means to you: Now, don’t you wish you had this last night when you were making that 47th frozen margarita for Cinco De Mayo?

Cost: $299 @ Kitchen Gadgetry

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