This New Knife Sharpener Is Cutting-Edge Kitchen Technology

Work Sharp’s knife sharpener uses new tech, adjustable angle guides and pivot response functionality to make every knife the sharpest tool in the shed.


Any decent chef will tell you that a sharp knife is one of — if not the — most important tools in a well-stocked kitchen. Not only is a sharp knife safer to use than a dull one; a well-kept blade will slice through tough meats and produce like butter, whereas the only thing a dull knife will slice through is, well, butter. What you may not know, however, is that you don’t need to buy a custom $500 chef’s knife to get a good, clean cut. In fact, a knife sharpener might just be the second most important tool in a well-stocked kitchen, and this Benchstone Knife Sharpener from Work Sharp is really all you need to make virtually any knife the so-called sharpest tool in the shed. The Benchstone uses Tri-brasive Technology for quick indexing between coarse and fine diamond and fine ceramic stone. Plus it features interchangeable angle guides for consistent strokes and a pivot response function that follows the curve of the blade in order to maintain steady contact. A sharp knife elevates the entire kitchen — so if you’re still mashing your meals to a pulp with a dull blade, use the link below to get to the cutting edge of kitchen tools.

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