USAG 3LV 3 Compartment Tool Box

Know an aesthete who dabbles in handy work?

Hand-eye Supply

Know an aesthete who dabbles in handiwork? Italian company USAG has been in the tool biz since 1926, and their USAG 3LV 3 Compartment Tool Box ($127) has all the durable chops you’d expect from, well, a metal box. It’s cut out of sheet steel that’s been coated using “electropheretic deposition” — which apparently allows for vibrant colors and uniform thickness while maintaining incredible durable. A cantilever top features two overhead compartments for storing smaller items in addition to a central lower compartment, and the lid includes a hole for small locks. The only downside is that it’s not the Italian red metal box you always dreamed of keeping in the garage.

Buy Now: $127

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