SIDD Domino Table

Here's a Table You Might 'Fall' For


By Gear Patrol Reader Demitri Rusel:

Designer Chris Pritchard of SIDD Fine Woodworking has created an instantly iconic piece in his Domino coffee table. The inspiration is as obvious as the name, but the treatment is both intelligent and elegant.

Each of these intriguing tables is hand built by a single craftsman over a period of six weeks and is completely customizable. Since they’re made to order, you can get one in just about any color, size, or configuration. On the bottom of one of the legs, the table is signed and numbered by its artisan – making it an instant collectible.


Although the price tag might seem a bit ambitious, when you consider the fact that it’s made completely by hand, and to spec, from sustainable local hardwood, it’s completely within reason. In fact, in an area where many ‘green’ designer companies are taking undue advantage, SIDD seems to have both feet on the ground.

What I especially love about SIDD is the fact that they’re small and honest, and that they’ll basically do what you like without sticking up their noses. After talking to the owner, I learned that the company is actually run by a husband and wife team. Not bad work if you can get it. Just wish I had the money to afford it.

Cost: $1,400

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