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This Briefcase Doubles as a Charcoal Grill and I'm Bringing It to All My Summer Hangs

Bring the fire wherever you go.

nomad portable grill and smoker

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a carbon steel roasting pan, a funny-looking, but useful, houseplant and more.

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1 Grill & Smoker
Nomad nomadgrills.com

Imagine heading back to the office carrying a briefcase and slamming it on the conference table only to reveal it's a charcoal grill. Nomad makes this absurd fantasy a reality. The setup weighs 28 pounds and has 425 square inches of cooking space, with an outer cover that stays cooler than the inside. 

It does cost a fiery $599, which is more than a number of portable grills.

2 Orbitkey Desk Mat
Orbitkey kickstarter.com

I'm not one to get overly excited about desk organization, but I do appreciate clever design when I see it. Orbitkey's Kickstarter desk mat features two bits of organizational fun: a document slip under the top layer of the mat and a sliding magnetic cable holder, which keeps mouse cords, charging cables and the like from tying up your workspace. Plus, it just looks nice. 

3 Waffle Robe
Brooklinen brooklinen.com

It was about time Brooklinen started producing waffle-knit towels, with brands like Coyuchi and Parachute having staked their claim in the market for some time. The waffle knit dries quickly both in terms of your body and itself. Plus, the airy design makes the towel lightweight if wrapping yourself in a thick, plush towel seems too much like a bear hug.

4 Roasting Pan
Made In
Made In madeincookware.com

For some, the only time roasting pans see the light of day is on Thanksgiving for turkey. But let it be known that Made In's roasting pan is kitchen-ready for the other 364 days of the year. Carbon steel is slowly becoming more popular in homes, thanks to Made In, after years of being a restaurant-quality grade cooking material for its natural non-stick abilities and the beautiful sears it creates. Order the roasting pan now, because it sold out soon after its initial release.

5 The (mini) reBoard
Monique Sourinho
Material materialkitchen.com

Chefs are a fan of reBoard for the brand's commitment to using zero virgin plastic in its construction. Now, the brand is re-releasing its (mini) reBoard, which is 25 percent smaller than the original for when you just need a smaller cutting surface. The mini comes in three modern colors, which makes it easy to designate each board for a specific duty (i.e. raw meats, vegetables, etc.). Cop the "Snack Set," which includes a paring knife, to save $10 off retail.

6 Cordless Pruning Saw Kit
Milwaukee toolnut.com

I don't have a backyard, so I'm not entirely sure why I'm drawn to owning a chainsaw, but the fun-sized "Pruning Saw" (c'mon it's a chainsaw) from Milwaukee is battery operated so there's no running the risk over tripping on an electrical cord. 

7 Nepenthes Pitcher Plant
Bloomscape bloomscape.com

I think I laughed when I initially saw the Nepenthes plant. Then I realized the Nepenthes is probably the smartest house plant to own. Those droopy pitcher-like cups are actually fly catchers, and once an insect is drawn inside, the plant digests it. It's like having a fly catcher for life. Pretty gruesome stuff (for the bugs, at least). 

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