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A Gaming Company Made the Perfect Mouse for WFH Life

This mouse seamlessly transitions from League of Legends to spreadsheets.

razer mouse

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a power drill for the 21st century, beautifully designed small home appliances and more.

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1 Razer Pro Click
Razer razer.com

Made in collaboration with the ergonomics-first designers at Humanscale, Razer's newest mouse is for play and, for the first time in its history, work, too. — Will Price, Assistant Editor

2 EZ Reach Lighter
Bic walmart.com

Bic finally made a lighter that'll prevent my finger from getting burnt when lighting a candle. Retaining the shape of its original lighter with the addition of a 1.45-inch extending wand, the EZ reach lets you light things at any angle without worrying about the flame touching your hand. It's more convenient to carry than Bic's multipurpose lighter and safer than the classic lighter.

3 Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags (Set of 8)
Five Two food52.com

Food52's in-house brand of kitchen goods and housewares, Five Two, continues to make innovative products that are better for you. And its latest release, a set of cotton produce bags, is good for the environment, too. The eight-pack of bags replace those plastic pouches at grocery stores that end up littering the ocean floor. Available in three sizes and two weaves for everything from produce to toiletries, the new bags are the result of consumer feedback. They're grey — to hide stains — and tags include tare weights so you aren't paying extra at checkout.

4 Pure Over
Pure Over
Pure Over kickstarter.com

Kalita and Hario will forever be the leaders in pour-over coffee drippers. But paper filters will forever be their downfall. Pure Over eliminates the need for paper filters through its all-glass construction. The filter features a hole-laden flat bed, similar to a Kalita 185 dripper, but doesn't require a paper or metal filter. And because it uses a rain-style water dispenser, you don't necessarily need a gooseneck kettle because water evenly drips over grounds at a calculated rate.

5 xDrill
xDrill kickstarter.com

A new smart drill on Kickstarter isn't reinventing a power drill as much as it is eliminating the need for extraneous construction tools. The xDrill has built-in laser measuring, digital leveling and automated speed and torque. Like any good smart home tool these days, all functionalities are controlled through an easy-to-read touchscreen. Say you want to drill a 45-degree angle hole into plastic. Set the specifics into the drill, and it'll ensure you get the hole you You can only drill a hole once, so you better make damn sure that hole is good. 

6 Sowden Kettle
Hay royaldesign.com

Award-winning designer George Sowden continues his tenure with Hay with a new electric kettle. It's sleek and minimalistic, but in true Hay fashion comes in bold, eye-popping colors. 

7 Sowden Toaster
Hay royaldesign.com

And another one! The Sowden Toaster features a single extra-wide slot, perfect for those wide slices of sourdough bread. It's a bright sight to see when you're waiting for your morning toast to pop up.

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