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The 15 Best Places to Buy Houseplants Online

If you can't make it to your local nursery, there are some great websites that sell and ship plants directly to your door.

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Get some houseplants, everyone's doing it. Not only do they add brightness and color to otherwise drab spaces, but houseplants also help reduce stress and improve air quality (slightly). If you can't make it out to your local nursery, there are a number of retailers online that safely ship affordable plants directly to your front door. Whether you want pre-potted plants or rare cacti, here are 15 of the best online plant retailers.

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1 1-800-Flowers
peace lily


It has "Flowers" in its name, but 1-800-Flowers also carries a nice selection of pre-potted plants at fairly reasonable prices. You won't find any rare varieties of houseplants, but the website is stocked with popular plants like the sansevieria and ZZ plant.

Plant(s) Pictured: Peace lily

2 Amazon
calathea maranta


Amazon has an impressive number of live plants on its website from small vendors such as Costa Farms and New Life Nursery. Most plants are eligible for Prime so you can get your plants in a couple days.

Plant(s) Pictured: Calathea maranta

3 Bloomscape
plants in a room


Bloomscape's selection has a healthy mix of common plant varieties as well as some out-there picks. Each plant comes with in-depth care tips and insightful descriptions so you get a better understanding of what you're bringing home. All plants come in Ecopots, which are made of 80 percent recycled plastic and accentuate the beauty of the plants within them. Orders over $75 ship for free, and there's a 30-day guarantee that your plant will not die — if it does, you'll get a free replacement.

Plant(s) Pictured: Alocasia, bird of paradise

4 The Bouqs


The Bouqs started as a direct-to-consumer flower bouquet company, but its also gotten into houseplants. You get to choose the date and timeframe of delivery, and shipping costs $12 for those with a Bouqs account or $18 for guests.

Plant(s) Pictured: Anthurium flamingo flower

5 Breck's
plant next to empty planters


What originally started as a mail-order plant company is now one of the oldest retailers shipping plants nationwide. If you're new to plant parenting, check out Breck's first — the company offers a lifetime guarantee, which ensures plant owners get a new plant or merchandise credit if their plant ever dies, or if they ever become unsatisfied by it.

Plant(s) Pictured: Parlour palm

6 Cactus Store
euphorbia aeruginosa
Cactus Store


The Los Angeles-based Cactus Store, which now has a branch in New York City's Lower East Side ships a variety of common and rare breeds of cacti nationwide. The store also carries a great assortment of branded merchandise. Cactus Store's recent collaboration with Shoyoroll on the Garden Gi has sparked coverage by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on the intersection between fashion and gardening.

Plant(s) Pictured: Euphorbia aeruginosa

7 Etsy
string of pearls plant


Support local vendors across the country by shopping their plants from Etsy, which some may not know sells more than handmade crafts.

Plant(s) Pictured: String of pearls

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9 Floom
zz plant


If you want to support your local nursery or florist without having to leave your home, check out Floom. The brand partners with local retailers to deliver within the vicinity. Just enter your zip code and Floom will pull up local partners near the delivery address, the pick a delivery window and you're set.

Plant(s) Pictured: ZZ plant

10 Home Depot
majesty palm plant
Home Depot


You can head to Home Depot to shop its wide array of plants, perennials and other greenery, but its website is also a fine place to browse. There are probably more options online, and because you're not forced to buy a plant pre-potted, the prices are significantly lower. Plus, they all ship for free.

Plant(s) Pictured: Majesty palm plant

11 Horti
two plants


Horti is an online plant store that wants to give city dwellers their won personal urban jungle. The brand offers a number of subscription packages, bulk orders and a la carte plant picks. Each plant comes in hand-painted terracotta pots, and if you opt for a subscription, you set the delivery cadence and can cancel at any time.

Plant(s) Pictured: (L-R) Dracaena, ZZ plant

12 Nature Hills
fiddle leaf fig
Nature Hills


Nature Hills claims to be the largest online plant nursery, and if you check out its website, you'd probably agree. The Omaha-based nursery sells a bunch of greenery and plant life from trees and bushes to houseplants and perennials.

Plant(s) Pictured: Fiddle leaf fig

13 Plants.com
trio of mini foliage plants in copper planters


The website is literally called Plants, so yeah, it sells a bunch of plants. Do a filter search to find whatever plant you want from something that will purify the air to something that's easy to take care of.

Plant(s) Pictured: (L-R) Arabian coffee shrub, parlor palm, baby rubber tree

14 The Sill
array of plants in black planters
The Sill


The Sill carries everything you need for houseplants from the plants themselves — both live and faux — to planters, soil, tools and even apparel. Plants are constantly coming in and out of stock, so if you see something you like, act fast because it may be gone for awhile.

Plant(s) Pictured: (L-R) Peperomia obtusifolia, ZZ plant, golden pothos, snake plant, jade pothos

15 Terrain
ficus tineke plant


Terrain is under the same brand that owns Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. The retailer, as its website explains, "is inspired by the idea of merging house and garden to create an experience for all of the senses." You can shop outdoor furniture, backyard decor and a well-curated selection of houseplants. Opt to buy your plant pre-potted to save some work, or buy your plant in a nursery pot to save some money. Either way, the plant itself will be a nice addition to your home.

Plant(s) Pictured: Ficus teneke

16 Urban Stems
pilea plant
Urban Stems


Shop a small assortment of plants (Urban Stems specializes in flowers and bouquets), and set the time and day of your delivery so you know roughly when you can expect your order. Those who live in New York City and DC can opt for same-day delivery, and nationwide deliveries can be fulfilled the next day.

Plant(s) Pictured: Pilea peperomioides (aka Chinese Money Plant)

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