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Everything I'm Using to Relieve Post-Election Day Stress

No matter whose side you're on, you're undoubtedly under a lot of stress, too.

post election essentials

Election Day is in the rearview, but we're not in the clear yet. With votes still being counted and lots of ups and downs, all of America has been on an emotional roller coaster no matter whose side you're on. Combine election-induced stress with some of the highest numbers of coronavirus infections in a day in conjunction with having to work, and it's a lot on one's mental health. I've found a few things to help me feel a little better about the world in general, and hopefully one — or a few — of the things on this list can give you just a little peace of mind.

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Casa de Adobe Natural Wood Incense Burner
Incienso de Santa Fe amazon.com

I wake up in the morning and light one of these piñon incense bricks and watch the smoke waft through the opening of the little chimney. It's oddly peaceful, and the smell of the burning incense brick puts me in a good mood after having slept poorly the night before.

The Sampler
Henry Phillips
Recess takearecess.com

This is the non-hard, hard stuff I drink before the booze comes out. Recess' CBD-infused sparkling waters are less about getting CBD into my body and more about me needing to do something with my mouth besides screaming.

Headspace App
Headspace apps.apple.com

From television news playing on the background to multiple news websites open on my laptop to trying to stay productive at work, I'm being inundated with doom, gloom and the occasional Zoom. Sometimes I just turn everything off give myself a break with some quick meditation. Headspace's free-to-use sessions are enough to push me back on track.

Hemp CBD Preroll 5 Pack
Dad Grass
Dad Grass dadgrass.com

The entire election cycle has been so stressful that it's led me to take up smoking. But only once in a while, like after a particularly rough day. Dad Grass' prerolls are 100 percent hemp, and because they're CBD joints — with barely any THC — all you really feel is a sense of contentment without any fogginess or other mind-bending effects.

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It's believed that CBD can soothe muscles and promote relaxation, which makes it perfect for workout recovery.

Tsuyuhikari Houjicha
Kettl kettl.co

My nightly green tea drinking habit started at the beginning of quarantine. I've been keeping with it religiously, and sipping on this slightly sweet, very toasted houjicha makes me feel like everyone in America just needs to drink more tea and chill out.

Oven Baked Pork Rinds Pink Himalayan
Epic Provisions amazon.com

I just need to eat my feelings and at least these pork rinds are oven baked so my personal serving size is more often than not the whole bag.

Move Diffuser
Vitruvi vitruvi.com

If you aren't sold on the benefits of aromatherapy, I have to tell you that it works for me at least. I turn this on at night and because it's the first portable oil diffuser, I can bring it room to room without worrying about looking for an electrical outlet. I've been using Vitruvi's Nightcap essential oil blend, which helps to mellow me out a few hours before I want to go to sleep.

New York Seltzer Water Variety Flavor Pack
Hal's New York amazon.com

I drink about a gallon of water a day, and sometimes I just need to spice it up with sparkling water. I'm a Hal's fanboy for its extremely crass carbonation and dead-on flavor profiles.

The Day Drinker Texas Bourbon
Total Wine
Treaty Oak totalwine.com

I've been steadfast in not having to drink all day, but Treaty Oak's 40-percent ABV Day Drinker bourbon would be my pick for an all-day drinking day. 

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