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13 Great Weed Containers for Keeping Your Bud Fresh

Whether you're looking for a handmade jar to sit proudly on the coffee table or a stash box that tracks every strain you've ever smoked, we've got something for you.

collage of three weed containers
Staze, Tetra, Higher Standards

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There isn't a "best" weed storage setup because there are many types of smokers out there. There are those who want everyone to know where the weed is right when they walk in the door and those who would rather keep things more low-key. There are those who need to make sure prying hands don't crack open a stash on accident, those who smoke their stock in a week and those who take their time. Regardless of what kind of storage you're looking for, we think at least one of the following weed storage solutions will do the trick. These are some of the best stash boxes you can buy.

What to Look for in a Weed Container

While there's no single overall solution for everyone, there are a few different things you should look for when picking out the right weed storage solution for you and your household. We've outlined the most significant factors to consider below.

Capacity: Not everyone needs a giant jug to stash their pot but some weed containers might actually end up being too small. Ensure you understand the amount of storage space you need for your daily/weekly/monthly weed consumption. After all, you don't want to have to use a ziplock baggie for the excess if you can help it, right?

Seal: Keep in mind that just because a container has a lid, that doesn't mean the container is airtight. If you don't want the smell leaking out of your container and into your living space, you'll want to make sure the seal of your weed container of choice is actually airtight. This can also help better preserve your weed and keep it from drying out.

Materials: Not only will the materials determine the potential overall quality of a given weed container, but they can affect their longevity, style, how waterproof they are or aren't and more.

Other Features: Some weed containers come with compartmental storage, while others are made to kind of nest with one another. Whichever style you're considering, make sure you take a gander at some of the other features in the periphery, as they might push you toward or away from one(s) you're considering.

How We Tested

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collage of weed containers on tables
Gear Patrol Staff

While the obvious answer to how we tested is to say we stashed our weed in these containers, there's a lot more to it than simply putting some bud in a jar and moving on. Our testers also had to be conscientious of how much flower could fit in a given container, how well those containers keep the weed safe and protected (from drops, drying out and even light exposure), how durable a given container is, and even how they look (whether that's for discretion or display).

Best Overall Weed Storage Container
Tulip Jars
Best Upgrade Weed Storage Container
Stori Smart Cannabis Storage
Best Budget Weed Storage Container
Tetra Airtight Storage Jars
Best Basic Stash Box
Green Goddess Wooden Storage Box
Best Compact Weed Storage Container
Tetra Light + Ladder Galet Orb Container
Most Durable Weed Storage Container
Staze Vacuum Seal Jar
Best Clear Jar for Weed
Honest Capsule Storage Jar
Best Vacuum Canister for Weed
Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister
Best-Designed Weed Storage Container
Session Goods Stash Jar
Best Weed Storage Container with a One-Way Valve
Tightpac America
Tightpac America Tightvac with Box Dark Green Caps/Black Bodies (Set of 3) (SET3-SDG)
Best Wooden Weed Storage Container
Marley Natural Storage Lockbox
Most Discreet Weed Storage Container
Humble Ceramics Canister
Best Childproof Weed Storage Container
Higher Standards Mason Jar
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Sean Tirman is Gear Patrol’s Commerce Writer.
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