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The 20 Best Sex Toys for Men

When you get that feeling, these toys bring that sexual healing.

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Today, it’s estimated that men represent 11 percent of the sex toy market. However, the proposed figure (lifted from an analysis of over 1,000,000 sex toy sales and 300,000-plus reviews) doesn’t account for lubricant or anal toys. Considering this analysis later reveals that butt plugs account for 40 percent of male sex toy purchases and that single men purchase more dildos than any other demographic, it’s safe to assume that the percentage of men who make up the sex toy market is actually much higher.

As we’ve continued opening our minds and investing in sex toys for couples, a new and lucrative market has emerged, allowing brands to create more innovative toys that better satisfy a man or penis owner’s individual wants and needs. From butt plugs and strokers to prostate massagers and cock rings, the 20 sex toys below are proof that all bodies and genders are deserving of toe-curling pleasure.

      Sex Toys 101

      What to Look For (And Avoid)

      What you may not know about sex toys is that they are not regulated in North America. This means companies can produce sex toys with potentially toxic materials without so much as a slap on the wrist. Unfortunately, some big box sites like Amazon will sell knockoffs of popular sex toys, some made with these potentially harmful chemicals. (We vetted any picks from Amazon to make sure they're the real deal.) Some chemicals you want to avoid are phthalates, trimethyltin chloride, phenol, carbon disulphide, toluene and cadmium. While this sounds scary, these chemicals are fairly easy to avoid. When you shop for sex toys, purchase directly from the manufacturer or a credible retailer. (Rest assured: all toys on this list are body safe.)

      Though less dangerous, you should also aim to avoid porous toys, which contain tiny, sometimes microscopic pockets that can trap dirt and bacteria and cannot be fully cleaned. Some of the more common porous materials include jelly rubber, PVC, cyberskin, TPR/TPE and elastomer. If you have a porous toy that you want to use on a partner, slip a condom over top to avoid spreading potential infections or a pre-existing STI.

      Types of Sex Toys

      Cock rings: Restricts blood flow out of the penis, resulting in longer, firmer, more sensitive erections. Vibrating cock rings can also provide added stimulation during partnered sex.

      Strokers: Textured sleeves are designed to enhance masturbation with a penis. Some are designed to replicate a sexual experience with realistic materials, whereas others are designed with unique textures to offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

      Guybrators: Vibrators designed to stimulate the penis.

      Butt plugs: Cone-shaped toys with flared bases. Generally favored by those who seek the feeling of fullness in their rectum. Butt plugs can also be useful for anal dilating and kegel exercises. However, they are not designed for penetration.

      Prostate massagers: Look like vibrators, except they boast a unique curve designed to stimulate the prostate anally.

      Anal training kits: A series of toys (usually four or five) that help the anal sphincters dilate at a safe and gradual pace. Generally speaking, it’s recommended that one stick with a toy for a few days to a week and size up when comfortable.

      The Best Sex Toys for Men

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      Best High-Tech Sex Toy for Men
      Arcwave Ion
      Best Overall Sex Toy for Men
      Fun Factory Manta
      Best Splurge Sex Toy for Men
      Lelo Loki Wave
      Best Butt Toy
      Fun Factory B Ball Uno
      Best Cock Ring
      Perfect Fit Xact-Fit 3 Ring Cock Ring Kit
      Best Affordable Sex Toy for Men
      Maude Vibe
      Best Hands-Free Stroker
      Hot Octopuss Jett
      Best Prostate Massager for Beginners
      Lelo Billy 2
      Best For Butt-Stuff Beginners
      Master Series Expansion Trainer Anal Dilator Set
      Now 12% off
      Best Stroker
      Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit
      Best Rimming Simulator
      bVibe Rimming Plug 2
      Best Long-Distance Sex Toy
      We-Vibe Ditto
      Best Vibrating Cock Ring
      We-Vibe Bond
      Best Lubricant
      Best For Premature Ejaculation
      Promescent Delay Spray
      Best Open-Ended Stroker
      Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage
      Best for Balls
      Best Penis Extender
      Lovehoney Mega Thick Penis Sleeve
      Best for Quickies
      Promescent Flushable Wipes
      Now 27% off
      Best Manual Prostate Massager
      Njoy Pure Wand
      The 12 Best Sex Toys for Couples to Spice up Their Sex Life
      best sex toys for couples

      It takes two to tango, as evidenced by this collection of toys.


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