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The 12 Best Sex Toys for Couples To Spice up Their Sex Life

When you get that feeling, these toys bring that sexual healing.

best sex toys for couples

Sex toys can be a tricky subject to broach in a relationship. An innocent item intended to add a little excitement to your sex life can spark a partner’s insecurity and a novel’s worth of internal monologues.

A partner may interpret the suggestion as an insinuation that they cannot sufficiently please the other, but this is rarely ever the case. The solution to this misguided notion is a shift in perspective, since many sex toys weren’t invented to replace a partner, but rather work in tandem to enhance a sexual experience, whether solo or partnered.

As a sex educator, I often tell people to think of sex toys like a tag-team partner. After all, toys can do things that people are physically incapable of. For example, penises can’t naturally vibrate. However, a vibrating cock ring can turn your penis into a vibrator. See where I’m going with this?

Sex toy usage rarely goes over poorly. A survey of 1,000 men and women ages 35 to 55 from sex toy company We-Vibe found that 52 percent of couples use sex toys to spice up their relationship. The survey also found that 50 percent of couples who use sex toys report having better communication about sex and other subjects, compared to 29 percent of couples who don’t indulge in these sultry playthings. What’s more, 30 percent of couples who use sex toys were also better at giving direction and asking for what they want in bed, compared to the 17 percent of couples who did not.

This means sex toys not only spice up your sex life, but strengthen your relationship in other equally important ways. So check your ego and hangups at the door, get yourselves some of the fantastic sex toys below and explore new levels of pleasure together.

    The Best Sex Toys for Couples of 2022

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    Best Overall Sex Toy for Couples
    We-Vibe Sync

    • Great for solo or partnered play
    • Adjustable to fit any body

    • May be too loud for discreet usage
    • Requires strong connection to work with app

    The We-Vibe Sync is arguably the best-known couples vibrator on the market, sitting pretty at the top of most couple’s sex toy lists, and for good reason. Many brands have copied the Sync since We-Vibe first released it, but as we all know, a remake is never as good as the original.

    “The toy is inserted vaginally and offers delicious hands-free clitoral and G-spot stimulation,” journalist, sex educator and co-host of the Bad in Bed podcast, Gabrielle Kassel says. “Partners with penises can feel all the powerful vibrations during intercourse as well, making it a fantastic toy for everyone involved.”

    The Sync can be controlled via the remote or the free We-Connect app on your phone. It can also be adjusted to fit any and every body, meaning you can feel the vibrations exactly where you need them.

    Best Splurge Sex Toy for Couples
    MysteryVibe Crescendo

    • Super adjustable
    • Mimics the human finger
    • Quiet for discreet play

    • Can easily get bent out of the shape you desire

    The hyper-bendable Crescendo can be bent into nearly any shape for either penetrative or non-penetrative play. Take the Crescendo across any of the 16 modes using the app for full control. Vibrations come from the six motors that are placed strategically throughout the Crescendo, and the entire device is meant to mimic the size and feel of the human finger.

    Best Budget Sex Toy for Couples
    B-Vibe Lube Applicator Set

    • Easy to use
    • Prevents lube from staining

    • Somewhat flimsy

    Lubricant enhances any sexual act. But when most people use lube, they place it on the object that’s doing the penetrating (be it a penis or toy) and the entry of the orifice it is going into (say, an anus or vagina). The area that most people neglect to lubricate is inside the orifice, which still requires lubrication considering the penis or toy is reaching deeper than the entry point. This is especially important during anal sex, since the area doesn’t lubricate itself like the vagina does. That’s where lube applicators come in handy. Simply fill the applicator with your favorite lube, insert the tip and gently push down on the injector to coat the entire canal. B-Vibe’s Lube Applicator Set comes with three applicators (for solo use, partnered use), a discreet storage and drying bag and instructions on how they’re best used.

    Best Couple's Cock Ring
    Fun Factory Nōs

    • Simple controls
    • Powerful and quiet vibrations

    • Limited to heterosexual couples
    • Must be charged frequently

    There are so many cock rings on the market that it’s hard to narrow the selection down to just one. The reason the Nōs Vibrating Cock Ring wins out in this category is because of its versatility. Of course, the ring can be worn on the penis for penetrative sex, but it’s unique in that it was also designed to be worn upside down on the penis to elevate oral sex (vibrating blowjob, anyone?), and can be worn on the fingers, where the wearer presses down on the flexible extensions that hug the clit with its toe-curling dual motor vibration.

    “Fun Factory makes some of the highest quality toys that my sexual partners and I have ever put our hands (and other things) on, and the Nōs cock ring is no different,” Kassel shares.

    The toy is stretchy, flexible and guaranteed to fit any size penis, with unique pressure points that hit all the right spots on your shaft.

    Best Sex Toy For Well-Endowed Partners

    • Compatible with condoms
    • Comfortable to wear

    • Couples may require more than four rings
    • Number of rings required change with sexual position

    Comprised of four stretchy, stackable rings, the Ohnut is a one-of-a-kind sex toy for couples whose partner might be too large and may find penetration painful.

    "The Ohnut truly a savior for people of any gender who experience painful sex,” Kassel says. “I cannot recommend it enough."

    You can wear however many rings feels most pleasurable for you and your partner, and I’ve personally found this number can change based on the sexual position you’re in. The Ohnut is worn at the base of the penis and acts as a bumper, preventing the shaft from reaching too deep without sacrificing the wearer’s sensation, as each ring feels just like skin and fits like a gentle hug. If your eyes proved bigger than your orifice during your latest naughty purchase, you can use the Ohnut on sex toys as well.

    Best Sex Toy For Kinky Couples
    The Wartenberg Wheel

    • Great tool for getting into sensations play
    • Simple and effective

    • Can be difficult to transport; may tear other toys if thrown into a bag
    • Can be intense on initial use

    If you and your partner are kink curious, the Wartenberg Wheel is a great and affordable toy to begin your journey. Originally created as a medical device to test nerve reactions from neurologist Robert Wartenberg in 1887, the 22-spoke Wartenberg Wheel soon became popular in the BDSM community, where curious kinksters adopted it to tickle and stimulate the body, increase sensitivity in erogenous zones, or simply run over the body like a sexy massage. The Wartenberg Wheel can offer as intense or as gentle an experience as you like. Either way, it will leave your body begging for more.

    Best Sex Toy For Playful Couples

    • Kit captures every detail of the penis
    • A one-of-a-kind item

    • Larger penises require extra molding powder
    • Mold hardens quickly; may require a partner’s help

    The name might sound silly, but the Clone-A-Willy kit is one of the most fun and inventive items to have ever entered the sex toy space. These colorful and quirky DIY kits create a silicone replica of your penis that a partner can use to pleasure themselves.

    "It’s a fun way to keep your partner’s package around even if they're away at work or across the globe,” Carly S., pleasure educator and creator of the Dildo or Dildon’t blog, shares. "Or, hell, get creative and peg your partner with their own penis!"

    Each kit comes with algae-based molding powder, a molding tube, simple instructions and a single speed vibrator. I’ve personally created a replica of my penis in the past and it’s jarring to witness just how much detail these kits capture. I can also confirm that the molding process is quick and easy … though it does require some speed. If penises aren’t your thing, it’s no biggie. The brand has created a version of their kits for vulvas called Clone-A-Pussy.

    Best Sex Toy for Long-Distance Couples
    We-Vibe Ditto

    • Enjoy intimacy even when far apart
    • Waterproof
    • Small and discreet

    • Can be too small for some

    For couples who spend time apart often, the Ditto allows for intimacy despite the distance. Through Bluetooth and a compatible app, users can control the vibrating Ditto through 10 different modes — like tease and pulse — and different intensities. Its slim and flexible base can be moved to find the perfect pleasure point. The Ditto is rechargeable and good for up to two hours of non-stop play, and for those averse to more apps on their phone, the Ditto can also be controlled through a wireless remote control.

    Best Sex Toy For Romantic Couples
    Self + JimmyJane Massage Oil Candle

    • Massage oil absorbs into skin (no mess)
    • Looks sleek, modern, expensive

    • Candle is small

    More of an object of intimacy than a sex toy, the SELF + JIMMYJANE Massage Oil Candle is a most romantic gift to seduce your partner. Once melted, the natural wax (made from soybean oil, shea butter, palmarosa oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and vitamin E) can be poured directly onto the skin for an intimate massage–something you absolutely cannot do with most other candles. It’s a deeply intimate and sensory experience from start to finish, available in three amorous scents: seaside neroli, bergamot rose and tahitian moss.

    Best Sex Furniture
    Liberator Wedge

    • Firm, yet comfortable
    • Sets both partners up for better sex

    • Limited color range

    Liberator is a company that solely offers sex furniture, wedges and ramps, each expertly designed to increase pleasure, mobility and stamina during sex. The Wedge is the most popular item in their catalog, likely due to its simplicity and convenient storable size. The 27-degree angle the Wedge offers is ideal for elevating the hips for G-Spot stimulation, as well as for anal and oral sex. I’ve also found it particularly helpful during doggy style, so there is less tension on the receiver’s hands and knees.

    "The Liberator Wedge is the ultimate positioning pillow to help put you in better and more comfortable positions," Carly says. "Give your partner better access, while still being comfortable and looking great doing it. What a win-win!"

    Its poly/nylon material helps repel moisture and when things get messy, the cover is easily removable and machine washable. The Wedge is a great first purchase since it can be paired with most other items in the Liberator collection.

    Best Wearable Vibrator
    We-Vibe Moxie

    • Powerful vibrations
    • Fits comfortably

    • Connectivity issues when long distance

    Picture this: It’s date night, you’re having a delicious cocktail at a swanky bar, and your partner is holding a remote that is connected to a toy fastened to your panties. You don’t know when they’re going to turn it on or how intense the vibrations will be. Only they know, and they’re smirking devilishly from across the table teasing you. This is the exact kind of experience We-Vibe’s Moxie Wearable Vibrator is designed to do. "The Moxie’s strong magnet keeps the vibe in place and allows you and your partner to play wherever you want," Carly says. "Who doesn't want to take the show on the road from time to time?" As with all We-Vibe products, the Moxie can be used with the included remote or the free We-Connect app.

    Best Wearable Vibrator For Penises
    We-Vibe Verge

    • A wearable vibrator for penis owners — finally!
    • Powerful and quiet vibrations

    • Can take some adjusting to get comfortable

    As you can see by now, We-Vibe has dominated the couples sex toy market, but they truly are pioneers in the space. Similar to the Moxie, the Verge is a vibrator that can be worn out in public and controlled via We-Vibe’s free We-Connect app. The difference is, this one is made for people with penises, and is designed to stimulate the perineum (the swath of skin between your scrotum and bum) which hosts a number of nerve endings as well as the prostate, often referenced as the G-Spot for people with penises (long story short: orgasm central). “If your partner likes their taint rubbed, this is definitely the toy for them,” Carly says.

    The 15 Best Sex Toys for Men to Bring Maximum Pleasure
    best sex toys for men

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