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The 10 Best Cigar Lighters for Your Stogies

Get some sweet, tasty smoke with this selection of cigar lighters for any situation.

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The point of a cigar is to have a moment of simple enjoyment. The Padron saved for a special day and the Hustler fired up for a long drive are slices of life’s serene pleasures. It’s something that people do just because they like it. So there is nothing sadder than witnessing a fellow human biff the takeoff and light their stogie like a doofus. What could have been a delightful smoke ends up being a dud — and we can all shake our heads on that one. Start that stick the right way, and give one of these 10 cigar lighters a try.

      What to Look For in a Cigar Lighter

      Single-Flame Lighter vs. Multi-Flame Lighter

      For a more compact lighter, go single flame, as they're usually smaller than their multi-flame counterpart. While it won't toast your cigar as fast, a single-flame lighter offers more precision when you're trying to heat specific spots, and it'll use less fuel than a multi-flame lighter. On the other hand, with a multi-flame lighter, you'll get puffing a lot quicker, but you might accidentally overheat and burn your cigar.

      Soft Flame vs. Torch Lighter

      A soft flame, like those found on a classic Bic lighter, offers value but they don't get as hot as a torch lighter. In some regards, that's a good thing because torch lighters get exceptionally hot, which means you run the risk of burning the tobacco. Soft flames are also delicate when it comes to the wind, so they can easily be blown out by the slightest breeze. For that reason, this guide sticks to torch lighters.

      What Type of Fuel Do I Need?

      Butane is king when it comes to lighter fuel. Cheaper lighters you find at the corner market generally utilize less quality lighter fluids that can affect the flavor of the cigar. While any flame can light a cigar, you'll want butane for the purest taste (read: you don't taste it). Make sure you buy some extra to keep around the house, as any cigar lighter you buy, with the exception of budget-priced non-refillable models, will need to be refilled periodically. The cadence of refill depends on your usage, so you'll want to keep that in mind when buying more butane.

      Can't I Use My Zippo?

      Regular Zippo lighters use lighter fluid as fuel, and cigar smokers tend to steer clear of them because the liquid fuel can end up making your cigar taste like gas. But if you like the look, dependability and nostalgia that goes along with a Zippo, you can still use one to light your cigar. Just make sure to let the flame burn on its own for a bit before lighting your smoke to burn off any liquid fuel residue.

      What About Matches?

      Luxury brands make great matches that complement their selections. Clean-burning Morisk Permanent Matches are getting popular, and Darkfire's Cedar Spills offer pure, clean smokes. When lighting with matches, take your time from start to finish. After you light it, let the sulfur burn off the match, then slowly bring the flame to the foot. It might take a few matches to get the job done, but that's OK. Stay the course and don’t rush it.

      The Best Cigar Lighters

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      Best Overall Cigar Lighter
      Xikar Tactical Triple
      Best Budget Cigar Lighter
      Vertigo Gladiator
      Best Wind-Resistant Cigar Lighter
      WindBlaze Torch Lighter
      Best Compact Cigar Lighter
      Xikar Turrim
      Best Cigar Lighter With a Punch Cutter
      The Scorch Torch Skyline Triple
      Best Splurge Cigar Lighter
      S.T. Dupont Defi Xtreme Cigar Lighter
      Best Cigar Lighter With a V-Cutter
      Colibri Quantum
      Best Looking Cigar Lighter
      S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter
      Best Table Lighter
      Alec Bradley Mega Burner Lighter
      Best Cigar Lighter Flex
      Dunhill Unique Turbo
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