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The Best Ashtrays for Weed and Cigars

Stash your ash in one of these stellar options.

collage of three ashtrays

If you’re a smoker, of either weed or tobacco, you’ll need certain accouterments to go along with your choice of smokes. First and foremost, you need a lighter or matches to light your smoking apparatus. But right behind that in importance, at least if you’re smoking a joint, blunt or cigar, is an ashtray. Ashtrays, of course, provide a place to drop your spent ashes, keeping your home tidy. The best ashtrays do a bit more, ranking as attractive pieces of home decor in their own right and sometimes pulling double-duty as catch-alls, incense holders or stash boxes.

What Are Ashtrays Made of?

Ashtrays come in all types of different materials, and all of them have essentially three critical things in common: they’re easy to clean, they won’t melt or otherwise show damage when coming in contact with your hot ashes, and they likewise won’t release any toxic fumes either. Our recommended ashtrays are made mainly from glass, marble, ceramic, cement and steel — all materials that meet these criteria. We also recommend melamine and wood ashtrays, and while they each could hypothetically offer problems when exposed to high temperatures — melamine could leech out chemicals and wood is flammable — you’re unlikely to encounter either if using your ashtray as instructed.

What about resin ashtrays?

There is definitely an ongoing trend among crafty DIYers of making their own custom resin ashtrays, and while you are welcome to do so, you’ll want to be careful in how you go about it. Make sure you’re choosing a quality epoxy resin with high heat resistance (500 degrees F to be safe) and that’s food safe and non-toxic. Still, unless you really know what you’re doing, you’re better off sticking with one of the choices below.

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Best Ashtray for Weed
Session Goods Ashtray
Best Ashtray for Cigars
Stinky Cigar Ashtray
Best Storage Ashtray
Vessel Ash
Best Standing Ashtray
Houseplant Standing Ashtray
Best Concrete Ashtray
Vessel Ember
Best Glass Ashtray
Nude Glass Ace Ashtray
Best Wooden Ashtray
KomoLab Walnut Cigar Ashtray
Best Ceramic Ashtray
Houseplant Ashtray Set by Seth
Best Marble Ashtray
Maaari for Mister Green Orb Ashtray
Best Catch-All Ashtray
Craighill Castro Tray
Best Outdoor Ashtray
Best Designer Ashtray
Alessi Spirale Ashtray
Johnny Brayson is Gear Patrol's associate home editor.
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