Vibram Five Fingers

Primate Approved Footwear No I don’t have a foot fetish. If you’re like me, you probably enjoy being barefoot.

Primate Approved Footwear


No I don’t have a foot fetish.

If you’re like me, you probably enjoy being barefoot. Our ancestors went barefoot a lot and arguably it was much better for their feet, posture, and fitness. Why? Because walking naturally (sans shoes) makes your legs and feet work harder. Not to mention the modern world doesn’t lend itself to letting the piggies roam free. Thankfully Vibram has heard your inner hippie calling and introduced the Vibram Five Fingers.

Renowned for their top of the line shoe and boot soles, Vibram applied their knowledge to create minimalist footwear that replicates going barefoot without sacrificing your first couple layers of skin. Essentially a very thin sole wraps the base of your foot and toes individually, allowing you to walk/run/play the way nature intended.

With four different models their recommended uses cover anything from running, to bouldering, to yoga, to cold weather kayaking. So, if you’re interested in going primal with your footwear, check them out.

Editor’s Note: I’ve owned a pair of Classics (The Sprints are pictured above) for a few months now and use them mostly for working out and tooling around at the park. One word to the wise though: take it slow as your feet will need time to adjust. In time you’ll notice your feet and lower legs feel stronger. Be prepared for odd looks and the occasional “DUDE WHAT ARE THOSE!?!?”.

Cost $70-$90
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