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At the 2015 Miami Open, Shades of Tennis Royalty

The purple courts of the Miami Masters have become an iconic symbol of the South Florida tournament, which draws a roster of tennis stars every year.

Legends of the ATP World Tour are storied in color. In 2007, when the Miami Masters introduced purple to Crandon Park (the tournament’s home since 1987), it was met with surprise and anxiety. Compared to the natural, dark greens that once defined the hard courts of Key Biscayne, Miami, the move symbolized an artificial distance from the sport’s heritage atop grass (green) and clay (red). Today, however, the color is referenced with titles of grandeur and distinction; “iconic” often precedes references to the “purple courts” of the Miami Masters.

2015 marked yet a new era of play. Under new sponsorship until 2019, the official name of the competition will remain the “Miami Open presented by Itaú”. The bold picture of purple has since become an anchor of its current identity, the backdrop of a stage that draws the world’s greatest tennis players — Djokovic, Murray, Nadal, Williams — every March and April. During the day, beneath the bright Miami sun, the courts appear muted and understated, as if covered in blankets of dust and ash. But at night, under the saturation of floodlights, when talk turns to whisper before each serve, all eyes fix steadfast on royal hues of purple.



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