Asolo Titan GV Mountaineering Boots

Touching the Void (or at least taking the first step)


By Guest Writer and outdoor enthusiast Sandy Bandhu

In today’s economy, you may be hesitant to jump into new sports or less willing to take that adventure you’ve had in the back of your head and understandably so. That’s why it’s all the more important to find versatile gear that can be used for multitude of activities and still performs well. Asolo is certainly meets this criteria as trusted name in the hiking world that produces durable boots for all types of outdoor related sports. One boot in particular that continues to stay on the market long after being discontinued is the Titan GV mountaineering boot.

With thick and solid Vibram soles, you’ll find these Titan’s have an unslippable grip, while still providing a high level of comfort. Designed for most winter activities, the Titan’s will keep you warm and dry while ice climbing, traversing the tops of snow and ice covered peaks, or while snow shoeing across deep pockets of snow in the low lands. While traditionally, plastic boots have held the top position in this market, considering the improvements in the insulation and performance of leather-rubber boots over time, for those on a budget, it makes sense to go for this more cost effective option. If you are looking to branch out into any of these winter sports mentioned above, you should definitely think about purchasing the Titan GV. Widely available online, you can find a pair for a drastically lower price than any other boot around and at the same time be assured of it’s quality and durability.

Buy Now: $199

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