Know Exactly How Much Fat You’re Burning, Just by Breathing

One diet does not fit all. Everybody’s metabolism is different — but knowing just how different is no longer a mystery.


You probably know someone who swears by their vegan diet. You may even have a friend that saw great results from just three weeks of the Paleo Diet. But the truth is everybody’s body is different. What works for your vegan friend or the strictest of carnivores may not work for you. Whichever fad-diet-of-the-month is making the rounds is, in reality, a total crapshoot. That is, until LEVL unveiled a new device that measures molecule levels in your breath to let you know when your body is burning fat.

When the body is in a fat-burning state, called ketosis, small but detectable amounts of acetone appear in every breath exhaled. The more fat the body burns, the more acetone is exhaled. LEVL’s nanosensors measure the concentration of acetone in each breath and translates that into fat burned. LEVL’s device then displays an easy-to-interpret LEVL score indicative of the level of fat burned. And because this is the modern age, you can seamlessly connect and send this newfound information to the LEVL app on your mobile device, where you’re provided with real-time and predictive information. LEVL scores can be directly compared to individual workouts, diets and daily routines to maximize fat loss. Understanding how unique individuals burn fat just became as easy as blowing a bubble.

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