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A Race Through Brooklyn on 6 E-Bikes and a One-Wheeled Skateboard

Racing around Brooklyn, New York, to get ice cream, flowers and, most importantly, coffee.

Emiliano Granado

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In New York City, bike commuting is competing. A race against time, of which there’s never enough. It’s a struggle of slipping past gridlocked cabs, dodging wayward tourists, sprinting to beat lights and avoiding the squeeze of a merging car and bus. It’s a contest of who looks the best and sweats the least. But most of all, it’s a race to put the smartass on a fixie in his place, once and for all, when he tries to pass you on the Manhattan Bridge. Can’t you see I’ve got Di2, bro?

The whole ecosystem has been upended by e-bikes, a class of two-wheeler that looks ostensibly like any other bike but for the small outboard battery and a motor integrated into the hub or drivetrain, which offer pedal assist — in some cases up to 28 mph. Once mainly the transportation de rigueur of Chinese take-out delivery men, e-bikes are turning up in bigger numbers on the city streets and as far away as mountain bike trails. They’re fast, nimble and they’ve reinvigorated the commute — because there’s nothing quite like winning the holeshot on a longtail cargo bike that weighs 60 pounds (without breaking a sweat).

But how do e-bikes perform in real-life situations? Like when you need to pull over for an emergency ice cream cone, refuel on espresso mid-ride or pick up flowers for your lover — all while making good time? To find out, we assembled an elite crew of seven riders (including two elite cyclists), six of the finest electric bikes and one of the finest electric skateboards, for the inaugural E-bike Criterium on the streets of Brooklyn. Cycling photographer Emiliano Granado of Manual for Speed, riding his own bike, captured the action.

Additional story production and contribution by AJ Powell.

The Racers: Michael Gil: Copywriter, Bryan Campbell: Gear Patrol Staff Writer, Neil Bezdek: Former Pro Cyclist, Chase Pellerin: Gear Patrol Associate Designer, Andrew Haynes: Gear Patrol Art Director, Erica Tricarico: Semi-Pro Cyclist, Jeff Carvalho: Highsnobiety Executive Editor.

The Officials: AJ Powell: Gear Patrol Editorial Apprentice, Jeremy Berger: Gear Patrol Senior Editor.

The Photographer: Emiliano Granado.


Left: One Wheel. Right: Suit by Narifuri.

Challenge One: Secure Ice Cream.

Neil Bezdek multitasking.

Challenge Two: Flowers for a Lover.

Bike by Brompton.

Left: Gear Patrol writer Bryan Campbell in his personal motorcycle kit. Right: Erica Tricarico in her personal race kit.

Bike by Surly. Shorts by Kitsbow.

Challenge Three: Caffeinate.

Bike by Specialized.



The Winner

Haibike XDuro Superrace


Body Position / Suggested Use: Forward Aggressive / Road, Urban
Electric Bike Class: Speed Pedalec (Class 3)
Motor Type / Nominal Output: Mid-Mounted Geared Motor / 350 watt
Total Weight / Motor Weight / Battery Weight: 40 lbs (18.14 kg) 8.8 lbs (3.99 kg) 5.5 lbs (2.49 kg) Estimated Charge Time: 3.5 hrs
Top Speed: 28 mph (45.06 kph)


*Our thanks to NYC eWheels in Manhattan and Propel Bikes in Brooklyn for loaning us the bikes for this shoot.

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