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Save $240 on This Great E-Bike That’ll Improve Your Commute

These e-bikes can turn a sweaty, frustrating ride into an easy, peaceful experience.


We’re big believers in e-bikes here at Gear Patrol. Sure, plenty of hardcore cyclists may scoff at adding electric assistance to a bicycle, but unless you’re a Luddite or triathlete, there’s little reason to stay away from these battery-assisted bikes. As we mentioned when we named the Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert the best outdoor product of 2019, e-bikes open up the cycling world to more people than ever before

Of course, at $8,225, the Turbo Kenvo Expert may be too rich for your blood. It’s basically the cycling equivalent of a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, though — a high-performance hybrid wonder-machine for the super-enthusiast. If you’re just looking for an e-bike to ride to work during the week or hit a casual trail on the weekend, however, there are quite a few less expensive options.

And two of the best of them — Super73’s dual e-bike offerings — are currently cheaper than normal.

The burly Super73-S1 Universal Motorbike and Super73-Z1 Lightweight E-Bike both turn the daily ride n’ grind into an easy cruise, thanks to their integrated batteries and beefy, bump-absorbent tires. The Super73-S1 is bigger and burlier, with a larger battery that delivers between 35 and 45 miles of range on a charge; the smaller, more colorful Super73-Z1 does 15–25 miles on a charge, which is still likely more than enough to handle your commute. Either way, you can recoup that power from a wall outlet while you’re at work, then hit an electrically-powered top speed of 20 mph on your way home.

Normally, the Super73-Z1 goes for $1,400, while the Super73-S1 sells for $2,200. Right now, however, both of them are $240 off at Huckberry, which means the Super73-Z1 is just $1,260 and the Super73-S1 is $1,980. We’d spring for the bigger, more powerful model — not just for the extra range, but also for the looks. But there’s no bad choice here; just two great ways to improve your commute.

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