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Everything (Else) You Need to Stand-Up Paddle Board

Now that you have the right SUP board, the next step is getting the right gear.


With the growing amount of people that have picked up paddle boarding, if you haven’t SUPed yet, you’re missing out. It’s a great way to taxi yourself across a bay and through lagoons, or to really push it and catch a wave and get a full body workout. But to do any of those things, at any pace, you’ll need the gear. First and most importantly, you’ll need a paddle, but to have a truly great time out on the water you’ll need a few things to fend of the sun and keep you out of the water and on your board.

Own the Wave Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle
Because without this, you’ll just be floating out there. $55

Z/1 Classic
Not all boards come with “non-slip” grips. $105

Mollusk Notched Cotton-Blend Boardshorts
It’s summer, leave the wetsuit inside. $70

Patagonia Retro Fitz Roy Label
Even with sunblock, keeping your face in the shade all day is a good idea. $35

Knockaround Premiums
They look good and are affordable enough to drop in the drink. $15

Pendleton “National Park” Beach Towel
In case you fall in the drink. $50

Manda Organic Sun Paste
Protection from the sun is paramount. $18

Western Rise Hartsel Henley UPF Shirt
Sometimes sun screen isn’t enough. $58

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