Shopping for Handmade and Hard-to-Find Outdoor Gear Just Got Way Easier

Something better than the ubiquitous brands.


Small, handmade outdoor gear is hard to get your hands on. Almost all of it is made to order, either here in the US or in pockets across the globe, which makes processing, payment and shipping one big hassle. Brands like Possumdown, a wool/possum fur-blend sock brand from New Zealand, or As Tucas, a Spanish brand that makes amazing wool mid layers in a small workshop in the Pyrenees, are nearly impossible to come by in the US.

Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, Big Outdoors is looking to change that. Each season, the company will curate a list of items from small brands making handmade goods. To cut down on wait time while each item is being made, Big Outdoors buys all of its inventory up front. It is the same quality, but the time and complexity that comes with acquiring that new swag sees a big decrease. Below are a few of the more unique pieces from their first collection, to help complete your summer adventuring kit.

Bushman’s Friend Socks by Possumdown $20

Hellroaring Pants by Roscoe Outdoors $72

Vapor LS Crew by Duckworth $70

Cabietos Hoody by As Tucas $135

Superior 25 by Superior Wilderness Designs $115

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