Loki Midi Micro Fleece

Warmth Secrets Abound


Anyone who spends a lot of time outside inevitably runs into a situation where there simply isn’t enough clothing to stay warm. Perhaps, the weather warrants a little more coverage during the first few hours of a morning hike, when a storm gales while sailing, or simply after the sun sets at a football game. Problem is, it’s cumbersome to always lug around extra layers. Looks like Loki is tired of the conundrum too.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most impactful; after a few weeks with the Midi Micro Fleece ($99) I’m convinced Loki is on to something. Engineered into the Midi Micro Fleece are Loki Mitt and Face Shield technology. Hands cold? No problem, simply flip out a set of mittens from your sleeves. And no, not the kind from your childhood connected by string. Since the mittens are one with your sleeves, you own body heat serves to help keep your hands warm. Beyond that, the hoodie on the Midi Micro Fleece has a built-in face shield that can even work as a neck-warmer in a pinch. No matter what Mother Nature throws at you, Loki has you covered, literally.


Aside from the secret features, the Micro Midi Fleece is a great performing fleece. Constructed from Cloud 1 Micro Fleece which provides a superior warmth to weight ratio, offers moisture wicking, and is fast drying. It’s the perfect weight for active excursions, especially where you could encounter wide temperature fluctuation (read: mountains or near water). We were amazed at how warm a fleece can be and it do so without any excess bulk. It’s become our on-the-go go-to jacket.

Editor’s Note: Loki has a wide range of jackets for different temperatures and conditions. Check back with Gear Patrol this fall as we put another Loki jacket through its paces.

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