Clicgear Pushcart 3.0

Innovative Improvement


Walking, that’s the way the golf is meant to be played. Not all of us are die-hard luggers though, and the constant weight of your golf gear can be a real pain. Not to mention, shoulder strain can lead to bad shots. Last year we introduced to you the Clicgear Pushcart 2.0. From a company whose motto is “Innovation Never Rests,” Clicgear has been hard at work over the last year to bring to you the new and improved Clicgear Pushcart 3.0 ($210) that we’ve spent the summer with.

From a quick glance, side-by-side differences between the Clicgear Pushcart 3.0 and its predecessor are not immediately apparent to the casual observer, but a closer inspection reveals significant changes and improvements. Based on customer’s suggestions, the most notable change is the larger, redesigned console. The beverage holder now attaches to one of 3 accessory mounts located on the side of the console, freeing up space for a larger glove box that can accommodate a rangefinder, includes a dedicated ball holder, and plenty of room for new accessories.

Additional changes to the console include the re-positioning of the hand brake so it’s now centered and located underneath the umbrella holder – another space-saving move that provides more room for your hands around the improved and more durable handle grip. Clicgear also adds a new ergonomic main hinge lever, push button front wheel release for easier folding, and a much-needed storage net best-suited for holding snacks or a light jacket.

Already a Golf Digest’s Hot List Gold Medal recipient, and with significant improvements, there’s little doubt they’ll be a front-runner for a repeat. The changes may not be earth shattering, but Clicgear managed to take one of the best carts on the market and make it even better.

Take Note: Some users will gripe about the folding/unfolding process, decrying its complexity. As I mentioned last year, if my almost 70 year-old father can master the steps in under than 10 minutes, you can too.

Buy Now: $210

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