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Fixing Your Bike Just Got So Much Easier

This new service will drive up right to your door and fix your bike.

While there is really no replacement for the cycling culture provided by the traditional bike shop, there are, unquestionably, many aspects of the model that could be done better. First, if you need a repair, you need to load your bike into a car and lug it all the way to the shop, or you need to ride your bike over to the shop (if it’s rideable) and find a way to get back. It’s often the case that after you drop off your bike, it won’t be ready for a number of days. Not only is this incredibly inconvenient, but for all of the time that your bike is at the shop, it’s really only being worked on for a few hours. A new startup called Velofix is looking to change all that.

Velofix, which is based in Canada, is a franchise operation of mobile bike shops. Using their online booking system, simply schedule a time that works for you and Velofix will come to you in a fully stocked sprinter van — complete with an espresso maker. Depending on the extent of the maintenance, your bike will be good to go within a few hours. No waiting for extended periods of time for your bike to be finished.

As more direct-to-consumer brands move into the US market (like Canyon), Velofix is also looking at partnering with some of these brands. In this case, you would have your new bike shipped directly to Velofix, who would then assemble and fit your bike to you, all at your doorstep. Essentially, Velofix is looking to revolutionize the bike industry the way that Amazon has revolutionized internet shopping — and that’s a good thing. While bike shops will always have their place in the greater cycling culture, it’s about time someone disrupted the status quo.

Service starts at $69 for a basic tune-up, with a la carte options also available.

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