Malibu Kayaks X-Wing Sliding Console

End Kayak Clutter


To deal with the age-old problem of cluttered gear in confined spaces (in this case Kayaks), Malibu Kayaks has created the X-Wing Sliding Console ($130). Designed to confine all your fishing equipment into one compact, convenient location on your kayak, the console provides mounting positions for rods, GPS units, fish finders, compasses, a dry box for storage and even (perhaps most importantly) a cup holder for your beverage of choice. Since it’s built as a detachable accessory mounting unit, it’s also quite easy to install or detach, and features sliding tracks for adjustable distance control help you to customize your domain and comfort. Made from Super Linear Polyethylene and designed to fit most kayaks at 22’” in width, the compact console provides breathing room while better preparing you to take on the fish. Sure, installing it may add a few minutes to your setup time, but you’ll certainly earn it back once out on the water thanks to the benefits of an organized boat.

Buy Now: $130

By Kyle Lent

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