Your Next Performance Jacket Will Be Made in Canada

Vancouver-based Strongbody Apparel has found a perfect middle ground in the luxury-performance venn diagram.



It can be hard to find a desirable middle ground between luxury apparel and athleisure. If you go too upscale, the focus lies squarely on style, and the price points tend to fall on the high end. Go too far the other way and, more often than not, it looks like you’re heading to the gym — and not in a good way. Both have their upsides, but you’ll have to choose form or function.

Strongbody, a Vancouver-based apparel company, has found that sweet spot between luxury and performance with the Gastown Jacket. Founders Meghan Conyers and Quincy Samycia needed a jacket that could keep up with their yoga, running and CrossFit regimens, but wanted something that looked just as good on them leaving the office as it did the locker room. And since they’re based in southern British Columbia, it obviously had to be waterproof.

The Gastown jacket is constructed of three layers: an outer shell and middle layer designed to be wind- and waterproof, and an inner fabric to keep you comfortable. Flatlock stitching on all the seams and neoprene collars and cuffs mean no matter how active you get, comfort is a constant.

The best news is that if you sign up early to support the Gastown Jacket, you’ll get 50% off a sturdy piece of performance-driven, Canadian-made fashion before anyone else.

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