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Rapha’s Head of Product Design on His 5 Favorite Pieces of Gear

Gear picks from minimalist clothing designer Alex Valdman.


The first piece of clothing Alex Valdman designed was a reversible hoodie made of materials he bought at a Jo-Ann Fabrics in between shifts at a hedge fund in New York City. Since then, he’s started his own brand called HomeRoom, designed for Levi’s and Giro, worked with Kanye West and landed a gig as head designer at Rapha Racing in London, where he designs high-performance cycling gear using the finest fabrics available.

“Design is just problem-solving,” says Valdman. He prefers a hands-on approach, using computers as little as possible. He also travels quite a bit for work, “visiting vendors and riding in beautiful places,” so minimalism is partly necessity. We recently had a chance to ask about his top five gear essentials.

Transfer Wallet by Rapha $120
“The Rapha travel wallet is my mission control two out of every six weeks. My absolute must-have for keeping multiple currencies, passports, receipts, tickets and business cards all in one place.”

iPad Pro by Apple $700
“The iPad Pro has replaced a sea of design and meeting notebooks, and most of my pencils, markers and pens.”

Speedvagen Bike by Vanilla $3,750+
“An obvious necessity.”

Loopback Trousers by Rapha $170
“I try and travel as light as possible, and that means wearing the same thing almost every day. The clothing has to be versatile and discreet. These are wrinkle-free, water- and stain-resistant; and if your trip unexpectedly takes you from a cold day in Tokyo to a hot day in Ho Chi Minh City, you can cut them into shorts and seal the hem with the flick of a lighter.”

Mayfly by Nike $120
“I’ve had my most recent pair for three years. They are the workhorse. A perfect shoe for when you’re running or running late to board a plane.”

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